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How many here have Graves Disease?

How many of us here have Graves Disease as I notice that Hashi's is more common.
Correct me if I am wrong.
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I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism.
I had RAI June 08 and TT (keyhole ) Sept 08.
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I was diagnosed hyperthyroid 05/08.  All antibody tests were negative.
I'm now hypo after RAI for a big toxic adenoma.
The endo said, "It's a lump.  People get lumps.  No one knows why."
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Had graves/hyper/goiter back in 1994, had RAI, then TT.

Levels in range, last was .67
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I was diagnosed with Graves' recently, just did RAI on Aug. 28, 2009.  I haven't really kept on on T levels or anything and have no idea what "TT" means...but I wish the best for all of you.

Mellowscout...keeping the faith.
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I was diagnosed as having an overactive thyroid in Febrauary of this year.  If June, it was confrimed that I have Graves.  Still hoping for remission.  Waiting to do RAI.  Currently taking anti-thyroid meds.

Wishing the best to everybody.  Jamie
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Guess I'm the lone wolf here with Hashi's -- and because of  what I've read that you guys go through - I think I'll take it over hyper/Graves any day........ wishing you all the best of luck.......
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TT is thyroidectomy...sorry  I shortened it lol.
I often forget that there are a lot here who dont know the acronyns.
Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep an eye on yr symtpms...I was hypo 5 weeks after RAI and only had a small dose.
All the best and any questions on RAI...message me :)
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TT for me on Nov 7th!  I have both antibodies, so really count as both- but been hyper/suffering graves for 2 1/2 years.
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Once you have the TT and get on a T4 med and Calcium...you will feel so much better.
Hyper is the pits!
If only people knew more about the thyroid and the effects it has not just on yr body but your whole life.
You will be fine with the Surgery and there are so many here who will help you through it day by day with questions you will have.
Just dont let the Endo let you go Hypo........make sure you have a prescription for the T4 before you leave the hospital.
Usually its started straight away but some Endos fail to do that and wait until the 6 week appointment.
Log your symptoms too.....good to look back on.

We are all here to support you through this :)
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"Once Grave's..... always Grave's...."

count me in :(
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It's funny coz I am  a Hashi's, but I am sure I was Grave's all those years ago. But I guess being a Gemini, I am allowed to have both! LOL!
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I`m Graves too diagnosed this year but like a lot of people think I`ve had it for
years. :-(
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