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How many women have serious female problems and are hypothyroid

Hi all I am CL of the hysterectomy forum. Id like to do a little poll and see if I can try to figure something out. I have noticed many many women on my forum who have differnet diagnoisis that lead to hysterectomys also have hypothyrodism.

this will be for women only..sorry guys!
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I was the first to vote YAY... I've had hashimoto's for 3 years and been on treatment for hypothyroidism. The  only time i have "female issues" is when my medication needs adjusted and my levels are off one way or the other.. The problems i encounter is heavy or lighter periods... "knock on wood"
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ty for answering dp...I have noticed for about a year now that so many of the women who get hysterectomys also have hypothyrodism ,,its far to many to just be a coincidence. Just has me wondering.
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I'm sure it's possible... what ultimately are the medical reasons for the hysterectomys?
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1. Premature baby after difficult pregnancy birthed six years ago - OBGYN did not run thyroid tests.
2. Endometriosis three years ago and cured with one year of birth control pills - GYN did not run thyroid tests
3. Painful periods, swelling, heavy, irregular, mood swings continued after I got off the pills and GYN did not run thyroid tests.
4. Severe constipation, GERD, Heartburn, fatigue for the past three years - Gastro docs did not run thyroid tests.
4. Diagnosed Hashimoto's in August of '09, and now I wonder WHY doctors never ran thyroid labs despite myriad symptoms since birthing my preemie.

Blood tests needed to diagnose hypothyroidism - TSH, FT3, FT4 (warning, many docs use outdated TSH labs. Endocrinologists who KNOW thyroid will tell you that any TSH above 2.0 is hypo).

Blood tests needed to diagnose Hashimoto's (the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the US) - TGab and TPOab

Also, thyroid ultrasound is recommended for any hypothyroid patient.

:) Tamra
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I have had MAJOR ladies plumbing problems over the years. Used to have a day off a month from the bleeding for about 2 years. Finally convinced my then dumb ob/gyn by taking in the pads which I soaked in 3 hours, ( all 10 of them, and they were the super duper maternity type ones!) He finally believed me and I had my innards scraped. No answer as to why it was that way. Found out years later I was obviously starting in a Hashimoto cycle of destruction!
Had ovarian veins like the size of 3 men's thumbs across the right one that would bleed constantly another few years later.
   Bled heavily for the first 3 months of last baby. Nearly lost him. Had heavy periods for years now.
Like Tamra above, NO ONE ever tested me for thyroid disorder!
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Hi Cher..

I couldn't answer the poll because now that I am optimal I have no issues. Everything is regular again for me.

Before - it was horrible... take some reading in on hypothyroidism and estrodiol/estrogen dominance. I do have a journal on my profile that can help you search more on that.
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I am going to read your journal after this,,,in your opinion do you think drs for the most part are aware of this correlation or not? I honestly have notice just an abundantly high number of ladies who write me about hysterectomy when mentioning health hystery include hypo thyroid. Its for certain too much to be a coincidence as I deliberatley did not ask if they had thyroid issues..has been nagging at me for some time as I am trying to figure it out.
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Finally got a total hysterectomy including the oophs three years ago after years of bleeding problems when they found precancerious cells, Dr actually said I should have had it years earlier, didnt know why they put it off. He diffenitely felt thyroid helped cause the female issues I had.
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this hyster-hypo link should be front page news..!
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I had my hysterectomy over 13 yrs ago; long before any mention of thyroid issues and have no reason at this time to connect the 2.  I've only been hypo/Hashi for about 18 months.  
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total votes so far 99,     88 have had a hyster and have hypo or have serious menstral problems and are hypo thats close enough to call it 90%. amazing
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They are all linked together Cherie and usually estrogen is the problem with thyroid disease.

I have a hord of reading and articles on this link between the two.
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