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How to take Naturethroid

Well, I received my Naturethroid 1 grain yesterday and am ready to go off of my Synthroid 125 mcg and try it.  This morning I broke the pill in half as I am leary of how it will affect me, and tried to let it dissolve under my tongue.  I did this because I heard it could cause nausea, which I have a tendency towards.  Well, I do not think it is supposed to dissolve.  The pill itself kind of dissolved, but was still a bunch of dissolved pill sitting in my mouth, it really does not absorb sublingually?   Is this how to take it to avoid nausea?  

I am also worrried about needing more.  I am supposed to leave on vacation in about 1 1/2 weeks and wonder if I should get more prescribed before I leave as I am not sure how I am going to feel and cannot get it while I am gone.  I know one grain is a low dose to switch to from 125 mcg Synthroid but I am always sensitive to meds, so we were trying to start slow.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated from anyone on this medication.

Hope this works!

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Hi my 8 year old daughter was born without her thyroid and was on Synthroid all her life. She was on 100mcg until we switched to Armour 6 months ago. She was not converting enough of the t4 to t3 on Synthroid and began having heart palps.We switched from Armour (120mg) to Naturethroid one month ago. She was doing well until Armour reformulated the binders and she began having severe joint pain and just began feeling ill on it.(flu like). We used Naturethroid's conversion chart to switch, however it is off by atleast 1 grain (65 mg) not 5mg as the chart states when converting from Armour to Naturthroid. I'm sure the Synthroid conversion is also too low. We increased by 1/2 grain each week until she felt better.She was on 120 mg of Armour and we started on 130mg of Naturethroid. We are close to our optimal dose (symptomatically) now at 195mg, and I still think we are a little low. I will wait until blood work in 3 weeks to see for sure. Until then, she will stay on 3 grains taken at four hour intervals, 3 times per day. (65 mg 7:00am, 65mg at 11:00am, &65mg at 3:00pm). This has been working pretty good so far, and she is slowly starting to feel better. She swallows her pills with a 8oz. glass of water 30 min before food.(1 hour would be better). No nausea here! All vitamin suppliments are taken at night. I hope this helps with your transition into the t3 world. It takes time and patience. Don't wait too long for your gradual increases, as I don't want you to slip into the hypo. joint aches that my daughter is having. Not fun!  I'm glad that you skipped Armour and went straight to Naturthroid. People are doing well on it when they figure out their correct dose. It is definately not as strong as the Armour. Good luck and let me know how it ends up for you. I'll let you know our blood results in 3 weeks (Mon. 9/21).  If we need an increase,I will start with an extra 1/2 grain in the morning as that is when she seems to be needing more. T3 burns off quickly (3 to 4 hours) and it is 16 hours between her last afternoon dose at 3:00pm until her next morning dose at 7:00am. During that time she is dependent on the longer lasting t4 which must convert, which she does not do efficiently. I'll keep you posted!
PS: get more for your vacation! Many pharmacies have it on back order and it is hard to find lately due to many people switching to it from Armour. You may need an increase or two while on vacation. Always better to be prepared!                                                    
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Wow, thanks for all of that information!  It sounds like a good medication, at least compared to Armour and the changes.  I guess I will need to call the doctor for half a grain and see if she will order that for me to take perhaps starting next week or at least the following week while we are away.  Naturethroid says 1.5 grains = 125 mcg synthroid but they seem to be a little off on their caclulations, so maybe I will need another increase from there?  Guess only time will tell.

Yes, keep me updated on how she is doing.  I hope it goes well and she does great!  It is hard enough on adults taking meds, harder with kids...I have two of my own with health issues and meds daily too, no fun for them.

Thanks again!
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That would mean that 125mcg Synthroid = 97.5 mg Naturthroid. Remember, my daughter was on 100mcg Synthroid and we are now on 195 mg of Naturthroid for compairison sake. She weighs 110 lbs. now, but was about 100 lbs. when on Synthroid. (Thankfully she is tall for her age). She'll be turning 9 in 3 weeks. Do you have any thyroid function?
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Hum...so I am going to call this week for an extra half grain for now....wow that is about double what they recommend on their conversion chart.  I became hypothyroid after my daughter was born and have slowly been climbing up on synthroid over the past 6 years..it just never really made me feel normal despite my labs saying I was.  I finally got this new doctor who believes in Naturethroid and armour and gave me the prescription and told me to watch my temperature and symptoms and call the office if I have issues before my next appiontment in five weeks  I was nervous about starting off too high as I do get jittery and palpitations sometimes with the synthroid, but I also recently learned I have Hashimotos which apparently makes you go up and down like a rollercoaster....fun!  The doctor told me a lot of patients like me need two different doses for when they are up and then go down, but I really think I am going to need at least another half grain.  

Thanks again!
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I just remembered that when we switched from Synthroid to Armour that we started with 60mg ( 2, 1/2 grain pills per day taken in the morning before breakfast. Three weeks later she "hit the wall"  and we increased her by another 1/2 grain (90 mg). 1 month later she hit another wall and we raised her to her max dose on Armour 120 mg (3 grains) but was still taking it all in the morning. Too large of a dose all at once (spikes). Way to wired so I started splitting the dose by 2 grains in morning and 1 grain at noon. Tried this with the Naturethroid, but it was so obvious that we needed that later afternoon dose, so we dose three times per day. Synthroid has a very long 1/2 life compaired to the shorter life of a t3 med. T4 stays in your system much longer. So when you first switch over, the synthetic t4 is in your system for 6 to 8 weeks, but there will be less  and less  with each passing week (reduces by 1/2 each week) So the conversion must happen slowly. Pay close attention to your symptoms, and be preparred to bump it up as needed as you keep in mind where you might ultimately be. Labs will be scewd until 8 weeks when the Synthroid is out of your system and you are completely dependent on the new t3/t4 desicated hormone. Stella 5439 has helped me so much with all of this. You should also contact her as she is on Naturethroid and doing fantastic! She's been such a blessing to us. It really is a difficult road when it is your child who is suffering. We are working on it!!! Nothing is impossible with God. He is faithful and continues to intercede for us when I don't know where to turn next in reguards to the health of my daughter. He continues to open my eyes and sends us in the right direction. Please keep us in your prayers, and I'll do the same for you. God Bless!
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I think Stella said that she ended up on 2 full grains more then what the chart said that she would need. We are already 1 grain higher, and I wouldn't be surprised if the blood work shows that she needs a little more. (I'm expecting it!!!) However, I'm trying to play it safe and 3 grains is doing much better then the initial 2 grains and then the 2 1/2. She started school today, so I'll just have to see how she does with that added stress. I hope we can hold off until labs, so I can get a good picture of how she is doing on this dose. We increased 1 week ago.
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I did speak to her in an email and did just email to ask about her transition process..she did tell me she had to be on more as well, so I guess I should be prepared for that.  I still would like some back up so I do not drop down all at once and wind up miserable and watching the mailbox for extra :(  I really hope your daugther did well at school today, my kids just went back yesterday.  
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She's never had to take meds at school before. I talked to the nurse and she said she was doing fine and came in happily to take her pill right on time. Her teacher seems very sweet and fun.  We will have to meet ASAP to make sure she understands the "complicated world of thyroid!" I'm so glad you got in touch with Stella. She really has a good grasp on all this. I'm still learning, but I'm getting smarter everyday! Ha! It's hard to relate when I have no thyroid issues myself. Children don't always know how to put a name on things and I have to really "read between the lines" and pay very close attention to every little thing, without going overboard! I wanted you to know that I have seen other post before of people who tried to switch to Naturthroid, and they posted that they went back to their old meds because it just didn't seem strong enough. So this is more proof to me that there really is a conversion chart issue, not an issue with the med. I hope I've given you enough "heads up" so that you will find success before giving up too soon as others have done! Thyroid issues can be sooooo dififcult. Thank God for the people who can relate and post here on Med Help!  It has really helped me put some of the pieces to this complicated puzzle together. Her pediatric endo. kept me in the dark and fooled for way too long about the health of my daughter. Now we are having to undue the "hypo. damage" that has been done for several years now. Atleast with the remainder of her childhood years she'll be getting better and better, which will lead to a healthy and happy adulthood and the rest of her life!.Can you imagine the damage that could have been done and the poor quality of life my daughter would have needlesly suffered if I'd continued to let her be treated by this "pediatric specialist" until 18? Very scary! People should never stay captive to a doctor who is not treating symptoms and ALL the thyroid hormone levels. Especially the FREE T3 and free t4. The Synthroid and this doctor did keep her from brain and growth retardation, so I will be forever greatful for that. However, there is a time and a season for all things, and I am looking forward to many more positive changes in her with the addition of the t3 that she clearly needed, but was never looked for by her former pediatric endochronologist! Go figure???  
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Wow, that is awful!  That is why I left my endo too...he did not want to hear me, just say I was euthyroid and labs were fine, despite how I felt for the last six years, sad.  I am glad she is free of that and doing better now.  It is hard with kids not being able to tell you stuff, I deal with that with mine too.  My son has renal insufficiency and my daughter a blood clotting disorder and had a stroke at 2 1/2 years old, so I can relate.  You have to do all you can and be proactive in their health as well as your own.  If a doc does not help you, just move on and find one who does.  Until recently I just accepted being tired, cold, brain fogged, hair falling out etc....the doctor said it was fine?  What does he know, he does not have a thyroid problem?

I am sure your daughter will do well with school and medications, they have always been good with my kids and they usually put the child's best intersest first.  Keep in close contact and be seen and heard often.

I am not going to give up on Naturethroid until I know I am at a good dose level because I want to be off Synthroid and feel human, so I am not about to give up yet!  I never really knew the importance of T3 either and although mine is not substantially low, it is on the low side, so it is still needed.  My doc never even tested T3, go figure?

I am so glad you got you daughter to a better doctor to help her.  I am sure she will do just fine, kids are tougher than we know.  It is hard not to go overboard, but try not to stress either one of you out :)
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Thanks for the words of encouragement. From one mom to another, we've gotta hang in there because our kids are counting on us! I'm glad that you are determined to feel good again! Little bit's home from school now and she was hungry and tired, but said she had a good day and liked her teacher. We've got to do better with bedtime tonight! It's really been a pleasure. Thank you for getting me through today. I'll have a glass of wine tonight to destress myself! I'll be in touch and I'll add you as a friend!
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I can help some if you run into a snag. Just PM me and I'll respond there too.

Take care - both of you...

Magpie??? - How's everything going with her?? is the nurse willing to give her the afternoon dose?

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Hi Stella, Yes she got her meds right on time at the nurse's office. She also is providing her with a large glass of water and not the little dixie cups that they usually use to give kids their meds. The new teacher forgot to let her have her afternoon snack, so she came home quite hungry and a pretty tired. She had to wait to eat though, as I had to give her her last dose as she walked in the door (3:00 ish). She had a good day, all in all. Her teacher has 14 years experience,is a mom of an 8 and 10 year old, not a screamer and her best friend is in her class, so this is great! This teacher is the one that her last year teacher recommended for her to have. We can't request, but maybe she suggested it. I'm very happy! She got to bed by 9:00 and woke up on her own at 6:00. so this is good! Legs were still crampy with joint aches in knees. She was happy and had some energy and did seem eager to ride her bike to school. I'm taking her to lab on Mon. 9/14 and her doctors apt. will be on Mon. 9/21 for results of blood work. I'm going to try to hold her on the 3 grains until then. Thanks for thinking of us. So far so good!!!
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