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How will I die with Untreated Thyroid Cancer-Steps

I have a 4.8cm goiter on the right side of my thyroid along with a few others (1.9CM) . The FNA results were suspicious for Foculliure Neoplasm(sp?) . My doctor and another doctor says that my only option is to cut it out . Well, for me that is not an option. I do not have medical insurance and this has already put me in dept for $3200.00. I refuse to put my family in debt over this. My question is this. I have already started having headaches all the time, I get sick to my stomach, and this goiter just keeps growing. It has grown ½ inch in the last month which make me feel like someone is trying to strangle me but just not enough pressure to do the job.  Will the goiter itself kill me or what? I just want to know how this will play out.  
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I'm not a Dr but suffocation isn't the way I opt to go and neither is Cancer.  Suffocation probably would happen LONG before any cancer takes over, so I would be more concerned about every breath I take instead of the Big C word.  I don't know if this is the right community for you to gain suppport.
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Are there any type of social agencies you can contact for financial help.  Perhaps your doctors would be able to work out a payment plan.  This is when I feel fortunate to live in a country with health coverage for all.  Good luck.
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You'd rather your family be debt free but free of you???  That just makes NO sense to me whatsoever!  Have you given them a say in this?  I'm sure they'd "selfishly" choose life for you.  There are so many options.  It just seems silly to me that you'd just rule out treatment and deprive your family of having access to you for the rest of your natural life span.
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What your asking sounds a bit crazy! NO-ONE can put a price on life!! Would you not rather sort out the problem and have the loving support from family and friends. I know thats wat I would want. You really need to get the treatment and worry about the rest when your healthy enough! Life ***** every now and then but its how people over come these problems that makes us who we are! Money shouldn't determine your quality of life!!!
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Almost every hospital in the US (if that is where you live) has some kind of "charity" care program and/or a Clinic. All area hospitals are welling to try to help people with no insurance, you just have to ask.
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I am poor...poorer than a church mouse, and if I could say, please don't charge me a fortune to do any work on me, then magically a fairy came and they didn't charge me a  fortune, I would be happy.
I started to get the breathing issues, not being able to swallow as I would choke on food, and my voice was down to a husky whisper with me stopping to suck in huge lungfuls of air like an emphysema patient. My goitre grew fast too...it too had cancer cells in it...and  the operation itself is equivalent to a down payment on a house...BUT...watching my son cry as I struggled to breathe each day is MORE than enough to say to him, Look, this is going to make us poor for a long time, but I think you love mummy more than going without a few rental dvd's for a while....
  As most have said, you can get medical payments for your condition, there are many agencies to ask.
   Yes, being in debt is a worry, but think of this....the average funeral now costs $7500..and that's the basic of the basic.....does your family have money put away for that?
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