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How would you feel with a TSH of 0.6 and a Free T4 of 1.1?

How would you feel with a TSH of 0.6 and a Free T4 of 1.1?

I still don't feel 100% well.

My story:

I was diagnosed August 1, 2010 with silent thyroiditis.

My stats are (Range: TSH 0.40 - 4.50 // Free T4 0.8 - 1.8)

08/01/10 TSH 0.03

08/09/10 TSH 0.01

09/23/10 TSH 0.41

10/28/10 TSH 1.36 -- T4 0.96

12/6/10 TSH 3.80 -- T4 0.92

12/28/10 TSH 0.99

02/11/11 TSH 2.45 -- Free T4 1.1

04/28/11 TSH 0.6 -- Free T4 1.1

Can ANYONE tell me what they think about my situation? Is this as good as it gets? I frequently hear that people generally may feel best when the free T4 is in the upper two-thirds of the range, so will staying on this Synthroid help my FT4 to increase beyond 1.1? I worry my TSH may get too low now.

What is going on?
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Don't be concerned about TSH, yours is low, but if you are Hypo, the thats were you would want it, the question is, has your MD ever done Free T3 tests? TSH is only a pituitary hormone, (Throid Stimulating Hormone) that stimulates the thyroid to produce and secrete more T4 into your system, you then convert this T4 to T3 and test is Free T3, this is the actual hormone your body needs to function. And most thyroid sufferers feel best when the FT4 is about mid range, the TSH is supressed and the Free T3 is higher than the T4 and about 2/3rds up in its range. The big problem we have is when MD's treat thyroid by TSH only and not the most important indicaters like Free T3 Free T4 and your symptoms, you go see them, tell them you feel terrible, they look at your TSH and T4 and because they are within a range, they say you are fine and send you home, When you have an MD with this tunnel vision, there is another factor that could exist in your case, and without a Free T3 test, there is no way to determine, and that is known as a Conversion Issue or Problem, this happens when you take a T4 Synthetic Hormone medication like Levothyroxine or Synthroid, and you body does not convert it to T3, The T4 could be perfect on the test, but you cpould be sorely lacking in Free T3, which would cause you to be symtomatic and feel terrible, If your MD does not perform a Free T3 test, how would he ever know where you stand in regards to your thyroid? Insist on this test, when the results are ready, request a copy, post them here and ask for help with your lab results, Free T3, Free T4, TSH and the reference ranges provided for each. With these results and ranges, members will be able to help and advise, also include your medication and dosage. Best Regards  FTB4
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I will request the T3 test, but I do not go back to the doctor for another 4 weeks.  Does anyone recommend going up to 75 mcg of the Synthroid (up from 50) in the meantime?  Good or bad idea?
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With the half life of T4 med being about one week, if you make the change in meds it will take 4 weeks to reach 90% of the final effect on blood levels of T4.   Since symptom  changes also tend to lag behind changes in blood levels of the thyroid hormones, you really could not know the full effect when you went back for your appointment.  

If you are having symptoms severe enough to preclude waiting the four weeks, then I'd suggest that you call and talk with the doctor about a possible increase.  Otherwise I think I would wait and make sure the doctor is on board with testing for the most important thyroid hormone Free T3 and go from there after seeing the results.  I say this because FT3 largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions.  FT3 has also been shown in studies to correlate best with hypo symptoms, while FT4 and TSH correlated very poorly.  As FTB4 mentioned sometimes patients do not convert T4 to T3 very well and you really need to know the FT3 level, so insist on that test.  

As far as TSH, I would not be concerned if the TSH becomes suppressed below the range.  TSH causes no symptoms.  It is only an indicator of the levels of FT4 and FT3.  If TSH is suppressed that does not mean you have become hyper, unless you also have hyper symptoms due to excessive FT3 and FT4 levels.  My TSH has been about .05 for well over 25 years, without ever having hyper symptoms. In fact I had lingering hypo symptoms even though my FT4 was at the very high end of the range.  Only after learning about the importance of FT3 and testing and finding mine to be low in the range and getting a source of T3 added to my meds, did I finally get my FT3 into the upper part of the range.  Now I feel best ever.  

A good thyroid doctor treats a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting FT3 and FT4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.  Symptom relief  is all important, not just test results.   You might get some good info about clinical treatment of hypothyroidism by reading this link written by a good thyroid doctor.  

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I have been complaining for years about not feeling well, hair loss, fatigue, tingling in hands and feet, depression, brittle nails, constipation, swelling in hands and feet, shooting pains in my legs - just feeling exhausted.  Have gone from doc to doc who always test my thyroid which comes out perfect. They go no further. My mother, sister and brother all have thyroid disease and are being treated. Two docs stated that it was fibromyalgia with osteoarthritis.  One doc said it menopause!  I think I am sick of them all!

After much back and forth - went to a new doc who order a T3 and it came back low.  

Now I am not sure what to do:  my latest test results are as follows:

TSH - 0.610
T3 - 72 - low
T4 - 1.2

What do this test means and do I wait for the doc to follow-up with me or call the office?  I have a follow-up with him in March but should I wait that long.  

I am so sick of feeling awful and I am sick of going to the doctor.  It's ridiculous!
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Thyroid test results should always be compared to their reference ranges to best assess the status.  Please post the reference ranges shown on your lab report for those tests.  
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TSH   0.610      Standard Range:  0.400 - 5.500

Free T4 1.2      Standard Range:  0.7 - 1.8

T3  72             Standard Range:  94 - 170

Does this help?
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