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Hyperparathyroid--Can It Case Type2 Diabetes?

My question doesn't seem to fit anyplace, but it relates to the parathyroid.  I'm in choppy medical waters right now, just took tests to see if I'm a victim of hyperparathyroid...but have runaway Type 2 diabetes, high Tri's, high cholesterol, bp treated but resting heart rate at 90 - 100 (this isn't fun).  They thought I had Cushings, but not (could have pseudo Cushings.  What a wreck--and all started with untested diagnosis at age 19 of polycystic ovarian syndrom.  Such a joy!  Anyone here who can reflect on this?  Would appreciate some input and leads.
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I don't have a solid answer here for you but

PM - thypatient and DLA - they should give you some infomation.
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I got through that disease without diabetes being involved.  But then again, I wouldn't put anything past it.  Seems to me the possibility of diabetes throwing off calcium levels might be true too.  That disease appears to cause all kinds of secondary issues.

Are you now awaiting the results of calcium bloodwork?  Let us know what happens.
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That's weird. I was just diagnosed with parathyroidism and had plans to have the surgery to remove the tumor. Been running high calcium serum for a few years and been sickly for the past year. Irregular heart beats, etc. Endo doc also told me last month that I'm a the beginnings of diabetes. HUH? Then I took a stress test May 30th and found out I had a heart attack. HUH???? To tell you the truth, I really feel that parathyroidism can cause a LOT of bad things.
Go to www.parathyroid.com and read all about it. They are a parathyroid clinic in Tampa Florida. Eventhough they have loads of info on their site, I've read a lot on blogs about dispointed patients.
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What does this mean?

PM - thypatient and DLA - they should give you some infomation.

(New to the jargon)...my resident internist asked me to take more tests, which I did on Wednesday; then I was supposed to make appt. to see her (and learned no appts due to residency clinic shut down til mid-July!!!  WHAT medical model does THAT?  (I've worked for CEO/Pres of major medical center and catch all fly balls!  I protested...not heard back yet.  You don't let someone hang around not knowing if there is a maligancy and I shot that to doc (I have her pager).  I STILL don't know...and don't know calcium levels...she just told me to quit taking calcium for a while.  Suppose this is all a "Mercury in Retrograde" fiasco?  

I have had PCOS (they thought I might have Cushings, but tests say no.  However, there is a medical condition called Pseudo Cushings...

I'm throwing up my hands at this mess!  Is there a doctor on this chat space who can react to this situation?  Thanks much!
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I'm not an expert, but I have PCOS also and I know that PCOS increases your risk of type 2 diabetes.  With PCOS one of the symptoms/side effects is insulin resistance.  They actually don't know if it is insulin resistance that causes PCOS or the other way around.  I won't go into all the specifics because it is very long and detailed but insulin resistance can lead to diabetes (it puts you at higher risk).  Good luck with your hunt, I know how it feels.  I don't know if the PCOS mixed with your parathyroid pushed you over the edge into diabetes; but anything is possible right?  I've seen weirder things happen, again good luck and I hope this helps or at least can point you in the right direction.
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It's all connected...Your PTH and Calcium levels are running amok, and they effect every function of your body...At age 38 I was told I was in perimenopause...My periods were heavy, painful, and irregular, I was getting horrible hot flashes as well...I kept having unexplained low blood sugar episodes (down to 22 mg/dl at one time -I felt BAD), and my sex drive was nanda...At that time (I found out about this 4 years later) my blood calcium levels were already elevated...I was also suspected of having cystic ovaries, but my Dr didn't follow up on it...over the next few years I developed kidney stones (7 in 2 years!), gall stones, unrelenting heartburn, back pain, muscle spasms,bowel problems, bone aching, difficulty remembering things, and constant urination.(5-7X/ night, every 30-45 min during the day...Imagine trying to work on an ambulance and deal with that!)...Just before the surgery to remove what later would be a chicken egg-sized parathyroid tumor, My heart rate and blood pressure were skyrocketing and I was becoming very scared that something really bad was going to happen...The morning after the surgery...I could already feel the difference...
It is a year later...I had to have the gall bladder removed too, but, I no longer have kidney stones, back pain, blood sugar or menstrual problems, etc, etc...Calcium is such a key player in the function of your body...Unless someone has experienced this, they have little clue what it really feels like and does...   ~Melinda
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I should add, I'm not a Dr..Just a Paramedic who knows WAY more than any normal  person should about hypercalcemia (high blood calcium) and it's effects...don't be surprised if your symptoms, including the diabetes, clear up after the surgery...Oh, headaches..did I mention headaches, the everyday variety? LOL..I can recommend an excellent surgeon in Seattle...Don't let just any surgeon do it.  The nerve to your vocal cords is in the area, and can get accidentally cut, rendering you speechless for life..                                                         ~ M
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another thought...Has your endo investigated MENS? It will also cause HPT, diabetes, PCOS, etc, etc..It's USUALLY an inherited problem, but not always...something that helped me (although, I got some really weird looks from the Drs at first), I began packing a binder with copies of all my labs, test results, medical histories, and medications with me to Dr appointments...At one point, I had 10 different Drs I was interacting with, and I just couldn't keep everything straight...Turns out, it was a good thing I did..I became my own advocate by doing so, even if I didn't completely understand the tests results...I actually had to refuse to leave my GP's office, until she agreed to do a PTH test on me..It was 3X higher than it was supposed to be...It's called medical PRACTICE for a reason...
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I suffered from PCOS along with its not so wanted symptoms when I was in late teens, one of the doctor put me on OCPs for about 6 mths and said if I get the weight off and my periods are regular I might live a normal female life, PCOs has recurred with even worse symptoms, I have type 2 diabetes, I am obese and cant get pregnant, it has become harder losing weight, I get so depressed that I am insomniac, I am on pills for getting pregnant straightening my hormones controlling my sugar level calcium supplements, my doctor says  if I had gotten treatment earlier it wouldnt have worsen, it is usually hereditary if the sister or mother has had it. things seem uglier, u should get treatment for PCOs soon, or atleast what I have learned, get a proper doctor.
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I forgot to add, I lost 36 lbs for it, I have now gained around 40 lbs.
life is rough..uh
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"PM - thypatient and DLA - they should give you some infomation."  Stella5349 was referring to myself and another member, DLA, who are familiar with parathyroid disease.  I'm glad to see you got more relevant information from medicmommy and others.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

(I don't get the shut-down part either; that's too weird.)
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I too would recommend the parathyroid.com site. It is a wealth of information. I have an appt there on July 16, 2008.
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One more bit to my 2 cent's worth...It was on DR. Norman's Parathyroid .com site that I'd discovered I had the 11 of 16 symptoms of the hyperparathyroidism which led me to insist on getting the PTH level checked...Such a small thing to make such a HUGE difference! (Kinda comparable to swerving off the rail track of an oncoming freight train!)
I was able to have the mini surgery, which took 1/2 hr operation...But too, I had an extensive workup, and such a positive Sestamibi scan (nuclear scan for parathyroid tumors) that it left little doubt that I had no thyroid or other parathyroid involvement.)
a year later, my scar is barely visible (Dr did an EXCELLENT) job. I do hope you feel better soon..good luck, and keep us posted on how you do...       ~Melinda

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If I hadn't worked for the president of a major medical center, I wouldn't be as quick to counter medical opinion with questions, but could you believe I am STILL WAITING for my doctor at this other hospital (a Internal medicine doc) to get back with me?  They wanted me to have tests STAT to explore hyperparathyroidism as cause for too much calcium in system and a chest xray to make sure I didn't have a malignancy there.  But I can't get into see her until end of July!  WHAT???  What medical model plays by those standards when you tell a patient they might be looking for a cancer--someplace?  I think, overall, these doctors don't know what to do/say.  I think there is a lot of bad practice because of general system failures in the healthcare "industry."  But I need answers.  Keep in mind I'm in a funky new State-developed insurance system called HIP and trapped in a residency situation for a doctor.  She thought I had Cushings Disease, but test says no.  What a pain!  And too bad my best doctor friends are DEAD.  Maybe a bell, book and candle will bring me the info?  I have type 2 diabetes, ache all over most of the time, an overweight (215 lbs), facial hair that drives me nutz with tweezers, and doing high-stress consulting work because I'm over 50 and Indiana doesn't provide much work for "women they've used."  But I'm slick enough to quietly undermine any situation trying to hold me back.  Also are chief caregiver for parents 82 and 83.  Have hands full!  Like the rest of "the sisters," hey?
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