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Hyperparathyroid in a 10 yo boy??

How common is hyperparathyroid in a 10yo?  I took my 10yo son to the doc yesterday mostly because he was peeing so much....often and a lot at one time.  He sometimes seems to drink a lot and other times no.  His vision went from 20/50 to 20/200 in a few months time.  Of course he is a growing boy so you never can tell is he always starving because he is growing or from something else.  

They said there is no sugar in the urine so they don't think it is diabetes.  He said it is likely not diabetes becasue it has been going on for a few months and he seems otherwise fine.  The doc didn't seem to think it was much.  He said maybe it is just habit.  He agreed to do a kidney blood test even though he didn't seem to think it would show anything.  

To me I am glad we struggled and got the blood tests done.  Believe me, he was NOT cooperative.  I checked the blood test results online yesterday and it showed higher blood ionized calcium than normal.  He did other blood tests including a vitamin D test only because I asked him to because my other son's vitamin D is so low.  The vitimin D and other tests are not back yet...well, they are not showing up online yet.  I don't know if his doctor isn't in today or what.  They did:


What I read is the if blood calcium is high is it probably because the parathyroid gland isn't wroking right even if it is just a little high.  His is 1.39 with 1.32 considered high normal.

So they will probably do a parathyroid test next right? and if that is abnormal it is hyperparathyroidism?  I am trying to figure out if i should persue it any further if he does for some reason say it is only a little high it is probably ok or his vitamin D is normal he is probably ok.  To me even if it is only a little high the fact that he is peeing so much is showing symptoms.  He also had stomach pain the night before I took him to the doc.  He was not nervous or anything becuase I didn't tell him I was making an appointment but we have no idea what the stomach pain was.  He was actually doubled over for a bit but it did eventually go away.  Of course this may be a coincidence but I want to know why do they say hyperparathyroidism can cause stomach pain?  What is it doing to the stomach?  Might this by why his eyes went so bad?  Why does it cause eye problems?

Is there anything else you can share about this problem that maybe I should know espeicially if the doctor says it is probably nothing.  Thanks.

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Thanks very much Sally.  I still haven't heard from the doc and still don't see the other test results online.  I think he is not in this clinic today.  It might be a few more days till he is. I will be sure to push the issue if he tries to say it is nothing though.  Doe that mean if it is hyperparathyroidism he should see an endocrinoligist?

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I think the doctor should also properly test for diabetes.  Doing FBS and HA1C. Not just looking for glucose in his urine.

The eye problems are also a concern and not normal.

Also, high calcium is never normal.

I can't really advise much except there is obviously something wrong and you are right to be agressive in folloiwng this up.
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