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Hyperthroidism or anxiety disorder

The last several months I have not been feeling normal. I have had symptoms such as fatigue, losing hair (drain clogging on regular basis), very dry & itchy skin, hard to think, missing periods some months, frequent loose bowel movements, feeling flushed & hot at times and all of a sudden in the last year and a half sinus & nasal allergies. I had pain in my right eye (pressure feeling & felt gritty) a few weeks ago... so I went to see the optometrist thinking that it was an eye infection. He told me my eye was healthy and I needed to follow up with my primary because it could be sinuses or thyroid. I did follow up with the primary who did a full thyroid panel.

TSH           1.25            Normal
FREE T4     .95            Normal
FREE T3   3.71            Eleveated

The only other thing that was out of range was something called BUN/CREAT RATIO at 24  (range should have been 12-20).

The doctor wasn't concerned with my thyroid after that. Shortly after that I started with new symptoms I have never had before... heart racing all the time (never settles down around 90 -118 resting), hard to breathe, dizziness, tight feeling in throat & chest, irritability.  The attacks that are the worst usually happen between noon and 2 pm. My doctor labeled it as anxiety disorder/panic attacks and started treating me with Zoloft and xanac because it coincided with my my father-in-law being hit by a car and seriously hurt... I am not (in general) an over-anxious person). Since I developed the new symptoms the test has not been repeated (because they started within a week of the first test). I just started the Zoloft today... but have had the xanac the last 3 days., and although it relaxes me and I can breathe a bit easier... I still feel a tightness in the throat and my heart rate still ranges between 85-90.

My aunt is a nurse... and she feels like my primary was quick to label me with an anxiety disorder and not check out other options or testing with my thyroid. She said that they symptoms of hyperthroidism are very similar to anxiety disorder/attacks. She also said in many cases blood work doesn't show thyroid problems when there could be a problem. I was wondering if you thought this could be an underlying hyper-thyroid problem? and if so, what my next steps should be?

Thank you very much for your time,
Christina Henderson
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Sorry you're going through such a hard time.  While my knowledge of thyroid disorders is limited, I can share my experience.  The symptoms you describe sound very similar to what I went through prior to my dx of Grave's in 6/2004.  Mine came on VERY suddenly, however.  I had a total hysterectomy and developed a wound infection from which I was pretty ill.  I know my thyroid labs (at least my TSH and T4 and T3) were normal prior to surgery, because my gyno did labs a week before.

It took a month of me feeling (and thinking!) I was dying before anyone thought to re-test thyroid.  At that point, my TSH was non-existent, T4 was 20 (4.5-12.0) and T3 was 600!! (60-181).

Based on what I've been through, I would repeat the labs and have them include thyroid antibodies.
It certainly could be an anxiety disorder (my GP thought the same thing with me a few months ago...turned out I had become hypo).  But it could also very well be an autoimmune disorder of your thyroid.  I know I have read in numerous places that autoimmune disorders can be pushed into an active phase due to stress (physical trauma like injury,illness,surgery.....or emotional stress).  It frustrates and angers me when physicians are too quick to label symptoms as strictly emotional.

Best of luck.  Let us know what happens.
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yeah she is right i have hyperthyroidism i wasnt dx right away but i was losing a lot of weight i went from wearing a size 14 ijn juniors to wearing i think like maybe a size 3/4. and i was always eating and sleeping. they did all of the test in the book and was telling me there wsnt nothing wrong with me. they told me i couldve been dead if i didn t come in when i did i lost my job because io was always in the er. so get a second opioin i saw a specialist and about 4 doctors it was so bad that i didnt know who my doctor was becaus i hade seen so many. but now i am fine but i have congestive heart failure because of my thyroid.
well goodluck to all. they told me i had inflammatioon of the gi tract then they toldf me i had an ulcer. then they were saying there isnt anything wrong even thought they were doing the bloodwork for everything. stool testing hiv trsting, throat cultures urin cultures everything.
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