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Hyperthyroid Symptoms and Cysts on Thyroid with Normal Blood Work

For the past year I have been getting more and more sick.  I was advised I have two cysts on my thyroid gland which was confirmed by an ultrasound about 6 months ago.  My bloodwork including my TSH, Free T3, T4, and Thyroid Antibody Studies keep coming back normal according to my family doctor, however I have increasing symptoms of hyperthyroid. My symptoms include anxiety and panic attacks, weight loss, nervousness, sweating, heart racing to 120 bpm, muscle tremors and frequent muscle twitches, insomnia, muscle pain, tightness, and weakness, joint pain, GI upset, lightened menstrual periods, headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, lack of concentration and confusion and sometimes itchy skin.  These symptoms have increased in severity in the last two months, but still blood work returns "normal". I have even been to the ER recently and have been taking Ativan to control the anxiety and heart racing. I also recently had a CT Scan with iodine contrast which appeared to make matters even worse.
I have not yet seen an Endocrinologist.  I have been using natural supplements through the help of nutrition/homepathetic specialists, but nothing seems to be helping at this point.  The nutrition specialist put me on natural progesterone cream because she said my progesterone levels are very low and I am experiencing perimenopause ( I am age 33 with no children). It seems the progesterone is causing more agitation to my thyroid. Could natural progesterone be making my thyroid problem worse? Should I see an Endocrinologist for more tests?
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If you are slightly hyperthyroid, the iodine could very well make it worse. I don't know how the progesterone would affect things, but it is possible.

You can be hyperthyroid and have tests come back within normal ranges, although the TSH would be low and the Ts would be high.

It's also possible you may have adrenal issues contributing to your symptoms.

An Endocrinologist would be a good idea.
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Thank you for your response.  I was reading someone else's question concerning parahyperthyroidism and vitamin D levels.  I had my vitamin D levels tested a while ago and I was severely deficient in the single digits. The doctor just put me on prescription does of vitamin D for 8 weeks and later diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia because of my muscle aches and spasms.  I am wondering now if my cysts are affecting both my thyroid and parathyroid glands.  The doctors try to tell me it's all anxiety or fibro., but I know it isn't and I haven't had these cysts looked at for about 6 months now.  I am trying to get into see an Endocrinologist.  I am reading that some people see and ENT specialist for parathyroid issues.  Does it matter which specialist to see?
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Low vitamin D is common with thyroid problems as well.
I'm surprised you were not told to take a daily supplement.

If time is not a huge issue, I would see an Endo. An ENT might be able to go a long way on the thyroid and parathyroid aspect, but adrenal issues may be overlooked.

The problem is finding a good Endo that isn't swamped.
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Sorry,  how your doctor diagnosed you  for Fibromyalgia? Just because your muscle aches and spasms? May be your Magnesium is low, and you need supplement of that too (as well Vit D). It's really time for you to visit a good ENDO.
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Hello AR-10.  It's so nice you take the time to respond to so many questions.
I was told by a rheumatologist to take Oscal following the prescription dose of vitamin D and it seemed like the Oscal did not have as much of an effect.   I am going to talk to the nutrition person I see and perhaps she can recommend something better or perhaps you can recommend something. I do think the vitamin D deficiency is causing much of my muscle aches, but the rheumatologist thinks I have fibromyalgia too because I have the "tender points" and a variety of other crazy problems.  I still believe it is more of a thyroid issue.
I see my family doctor on Thursday and perhaps she can order some blood work (again) and get things started until I get in to see an Endo.  This time I want to actually see my lab results for my thyroid instead of having the doctor just tell me everything is "normal".

Thank you again for your help.
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Thank you for your response.  Actually I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year ago because I presented with muscle aches, spasms, numbness/tingling and fatigue.  The rheumatolgist said I had the fibro. tender points too. At that point, he did test my thyroid and a variety of other disorders to rule out. All lab work came back normal except for the vitamin D was 5. I also had an MRI of my brain and complete spine when I started to have severe muscle spasms a year ago and it basically just confirmed I was having muscle spasms which appear to be pulling on my spine.  It was also the MRI which incidentally found the nodules on my thyroid  and then I had an ultrasound which said they were cysts. I was taking high doses of magnesium which seemed to improve the spasms, but then I got bowel problems because I was taking so much. As the year progressed, I became more and more sick and despite all of this, I am still told my thyroid blood work was normal, but have not actually looked at my lab results myself. Still convinced it's a thyroid issue though.
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I forgot to ask you a few other questions... In regards to the iodine contrast dye test...
I had this test almost a month ago now and it has really seemed to make matters worse as I mentioned before.  How long would this iodine effect on my thyroid take to pass?  I didn't have this constant anxiousness and heart racing before the test, but I did have the many other problems.  The test just put me over the edge. Now I can't sleep at all without the Ativan because of the anxiety/panic feeling. For some reason the nights are worse which I heard is common with thyroid problems.  I guess I thought things were bad enough before the test, now they are worse and I have even lost weight and cannot spare the weight loss because I have always been too skinny.  I could never in my life seem to gain weight no matter how much I ate and was always accused of being anorexic.  I wonder if I was born with this thyroid issue,  Is this possible? Also I read that antidepressants such as Zoloft can help slow the thyroid down, is this a fact?  
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Ok, you are in good hands, a rheumatolgist is the right doctor. For doctors think people have fibromyalgia they much check other autoimmune diseases, because there isn't any specific test that gives the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, just they rule out others and check the symptoms.
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