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Hyperthyroid and having heartburn???

I was wondering if heartburn/indigestion feeling in the center of my chest could be a new symptom of the hyperthyroid i was just diagnosed with. Mostly I have been having trouble with panic attacks but the last couple days I have a burning chest-dead center-kinda like heartburn......any clues?

Is hyperthyroid known to have heartburn as a symptom as well as all the other lovely symptoms I have been having??? THanks!!!!
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acid/ PH levels are directly related to thyroid disorders. Both hyper and hypo issues can cause this issue.

Curious to know your labs.. can you post them?

Best way to control the acid issues is to run a urine test strip on yourself at your first morning release. If you are not a 6 - or 7 level then you may need to do some things to bring your PH levels back to a healthy point.

Apple Cider Vinager and also recently I found Balsomic vinager is great to cure those issues. I love the Balsomic one. It tastes better.
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When I was having hyper issues I had terrible heartburn.  Plain old Tums plus all natural papaya juice did the trick.  Once the hyper issues cleared up the heartburn went away.
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Thanks for the replies...the heartburn just started the past couple days. I do find that TUMS helps a little but not for long! Felt like I had a huge air bubble stuck centrally under my ribcage! UGH...the panic attacks started about 2 mos ago and now I have almost all day anxiety.

I dont have my lab results to post, I was just told I was hyper. Im having a biopsy done on the mass in my neck on Wednesday. So my anxiety will be sky high at least until thats over!

I just cant wait to start some meds!!!!
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