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Hyperthyroid on methimazole 5 days

I have been on methimazolle and tapazole 5days  notice increase neck tightness and tachycardia.  Is this just noal fluctuation in levels or just that not taking enough or long enough. On methi 5 twice day and atenolol 25 mg so low starting dose.  Any input??  Bad insomnia last noc.  Sob and palpit.  Plus choked  on green tea.  Is it better to take 10 mg once daily. See endo and labs rech 2 weeks
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I was prescribed a betablocker initially for two weeks and then was prescribed  carbimazole 2.5mg twice a day.   The betablocker alone slowed my heart rate down, but didn't relax me and I was a little anxious;  although my heart slowed down it seemed to beat 'louder'.  (I'm also taking sleep meds so didn't notice the lack of sleep)

I took the carbimazole for 2-3 weeks with the betablocker and as I was feeling better from the carbimazole I slowly weaned myself off the betablocker.  Once using the carbimazole, I noticed subtle differences after two weeks, and after four was much more comfortable.   I wouldn't increase your dose, because it accumulates and can push you in the other direction quite quickly.  I didn't stop the betablockers until the palpitations noticeably disappeared.  It can take some weeks for the methimazole to work, but my chemist said that some people notice within a week or two.

(I took the medication for a hyper due to toxic nodule and have since had RAI).  I did go to the doctors a number of times - he seemed a little vague as to what was causing my symptoms, but was ok with me dropping the betablocker because my Labs had improved and my blood pressure and pulse rate were good.    

If you can manage another week you may start to feel noticeably better;  but I would advise you to check with your doctor before changing the meds and I wouldn't increase them (or change them to once a day).  Is he checking your thyroid functions after 4 weeks?
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Thanks for the input.  I won't adjust dose myself as I tend to be sensitive to meds.  I have a f/u appt in 2 wks with labs to be drawn 2 days prior to visit.  Hopefully I will notice some improvement soon.  I wonder if I may have noticed more symptoms over weekend since my schedule was different and meds probably a few hours late.  I was hoping to be able to do the RAI, but it's not an option for me with no iodine uptake on my scan.  Thanks for the input will keep posted with followup
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