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Hyperthyroidism & Lymph Nodule

Hi. I was diagnosed of Hyperthyroidism two years ago and back in 2014, I had suffered a "mild stroke". That was the only time I started taking medications; Tapdin and Propranolol (now I am taking Metoprolol). Well, I just consult random endocrinologist about my condition, I don't have regular checkup for my swollen Thyroid glands but I had few T3 and T4 tests. Most of the nights, hypertension is still attacking me and as a mother of three little kids, I don't have time to go out and consult an expert about my condition. I have lost weight since I stopped taking Tapdin due to financial crisis. Now my problem is a swollen submental lymph node. I don't know if this condition is connected to Hyperthyroidism. My fear is if I have an HIV. To be honest, I had yeast infection several times already and itchy skin all over my body. Now, I have a small swollen submental lymph node, it's like a cyst under my chin and it really painful wheneven I tap a finger on it. Please, help me. Do you think I have an HIV or is it because of my thyroid disease?
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