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Hyperthyroidism and memory loss

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a year ago and since then my memory and concentration has drastically went down.  The medication (methimazole) is helping my thyroidism but doesn't seem to be doing anything to restrore my memory and concentration.

I used to study for an exam and be able to memorize 3 to 4 pages word for word in an hour.  Now I can't even focus  long enough to study for an hour because my attention span is gone.  Because of this, I don't know if my problem has to do with concentration or memory.

Is there anything I can take (vitamins, etc) to help improve my concentration and memory where I would start to see results gradually or within a short period of time (month or two)?
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Don't ask me I forgot half way through reading your question what I was supposed to be doing in the first place!
  Seriously though, it is difficult to give an answer. Good sleep helps, some people swear by selenium, (doesn't seem to work for me) I am sure you will get lots of advice from those who have tried something and have it work for them.
Personally I wish I knew the answer coz I have the same trouble. I got my boyfriend and I lost two days ago in an area I grew up in and should have known where to turn but nope, couldn't recall it for love or money...feels horrible to feel so Alzheimerish...but they do say  it gets better, but that isn't going to help you in the short term.
Good luck!
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For people who will read this later.
It ended up that memory loss was due to iron deficiency. My ferritin test value was very low. After talking iron and biotin for more than 9 months, my memory is back to normal.
Hey may I ask what your iron level was ?
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My wife has thyroid problems, and refuses to take medication. Her memory continues to decrease. For example, she will misplace her keys, and /ordebit card. The first thing she does is accuse me of taking them. One of our kids will come home, and find the keys still in the door. The kids will find her card in her purse where she has jammed it way down in the purse. She forgets each episode. Finally, after coming home and accusuing me of "stealing" her card, she recieved a call from the  store she  had just left. Turns out she had left the card laying on the  counter in the store. However, her paranoia continues.How can I motivate her to begin a medication regime per her physician's reccomendations ?Secondly, will the paranoia increase if she does not take the medication ?
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Hypothyroidism has very serious effects on many parts of the body and brain.  The longer she goes without proper levels of thyroid hormone, the worse symptoms will get.  Severe hypothyroidism can be lethal.  Somehow you, and maybe other family members, need to get through to her and convince her that what she is doing is seriously affecting her health and all of you are concerned about what she is doing to herself, and ultimately all of the family.    

Do you have any idea why she is so adamant about not taking meds?.  
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