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Hyperthyroidism and weight gain???

I'm new to this and just hoping to get some good answers from some of ya'll with thyroid disease.

I had my first and only child in Dec '05. Developed hyperthyroidism April '06 and have been ever since even to this day. I have gone to several Endo's and got answers like Grave's Disease, Hashimoto's, thyroid going to fail, etc. Not one of the same diagnosis from any Endo. I have a new Endo appt. next Thursday at U. of Penn and I got some great references so I hope he is the one.

My levels have gone down considerably. Here are some of my results:

Thyroglobulin Antibodies   93 High     (<20)
Thyroid Peroxidase         >1000 high  (<35)
T3, Total                  473 high    (60-181)
T4, Free                   3.3 high    (0.8-1.8)
TSH                        0.01 low  

The TSH has been bouncing between 0.01 and 0.02 low. The t4, Free had been at 10.6 but has come down a bit. The T3 is slowly but surely increasing a bit every time I get a new blood test. The Endo that thought I have Hashimoto's said it was becasue of the antibodies. The other Endo said that I was going to crash and be low, Hashimoto's. Another one said that I had Grave's and the last one said it was Post-partum thyroiditis with hyperthyroidism only and that in time I would recover.

As all of this is going on, I have gained 20 lbs. and I'm very sad, I just can't get it off and I'm only eating about 200-300 calories a day now. This is something that is confusing doctors too.

Along with the thyriod, I suddenly developed PCOS. My gyno thinks it's from the thyroid levels being high and the Reproductive Endo tells me its not. Now I'm one birth control which makes me nauseous all day long. I've tried almost all brands on the market and I still get nauseous all day long.

I live outside of Philadelphia and we are lacking in good Endo's in this area so I keep searching for the right one that seems to know what is going on. This has turned into a nightmare, I'm supposed to be enjoying my life as a new mommy and I'm so sad all of the time, I keep getting fatter and fatter!!

Maybe someone else has a similar problem, heard of it before, knows someone with the same problem or can give me any advice as to what is going on with me. I will be so absolutely grateful to you.
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I have been suffering with the same problems for the past year in half. I have been on Synthyroid since December. One of the biggest problems is that I am loosing so much hair and I just found out that one of the side effects of Synthyroid is hair loss. I am so frustrated. Just thought I'd let you know I feel your pain. Good Luck! I hope you find a a good doctor.
that sounds like thyroid treatment revealed an iron deficiency, which causes hair loss... this is actually quite common.
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My Doctors are keeping me hyper to inhibit tumor growth and I have gained 30lbs and can't lose it. She told to to stop trying, I'm just fighting my body.  I am hungry all of the time but I don't eat a lot because I don't want to gain any more weight.  They told me that a small percentage of people who are hyper for a long time can exhibt some of the symptoms of hypo, such as weight gain...lucky  me.

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I just posted something so similar, I have the same problems just had a baby 4 months ago got blood work retest and TSH is still low. I am always tired, no sex drive, irritable and weight gain.  No doctor has yet to tell me how to fix the thyroid problem or what to do.  It figures I have a thyroid problem where I should be skinny and keep weight off of me but no I have to be one of the those people who gain not lose. It seems alot of people have the same problems, is thyriod problems that difficult to deal with, doctors dont seem to have any answers.  So hang in there I'm in the same boat.
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Thanks to everyone so far. I thought I really was the only one. I just wonder now, if I did get treatment at this point, would I lose any weight. I was told by a friend that she know someone with Grave's Disease that gain weight and lost weight when she started treatment.
The Endo that I am going to see next week is supposed to have dealt with hyper and weight gain. I will definitley post and let you know what he tells me. In that way, we can help each other.
From my experience so far and from what I hear, there are not many good Endocrinologists around anywhere. That's why I've seen so many and still can't find one that can help me.
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By the way... anyone having a lot of water retention like me??
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Having been a hyper w/ TSH levels that read <.01 which meant to little to read , i have had w/ meds .02  and although I felt horrible I was not crazy. Being hypo is a drag, it is more difficult to adjust.. keep looking for the best endo in your area.   Hair loss is something that happens when levels are drastically altered. I found out the hard way.  and the weight gain as well. (again i was a hyper,  and 10 pounds is alot to me) but keep drinking water and take your meds 4 hours on each side from any calcium and 1 hour from food.) I learned when I was very sick from graves that cheese helped absorb the thyroxine.It made me feel better.  my dr. agreed that calcium interrferred w/ thyroxsine absorbtion.  Try to get a med regime that allows the med. to absorb properly. good luck
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Thank God! I went to the doctor because I thought I had postpartum depression, and after blood tests found that I had an overactive thyroid.  It was confusing to me, because I've been struggling to lose the baby weight and have even GAINED since giving birth.  The doctor said weight gain with hyperthyroidism isn't uncommon - but I thought she was just being nice! I'm so glad that I'm not the only with this problem. It's just depressing to know that I've been struggling to lose it for 5 months, and my body was working against me the whole time.  Good luck to all of you!
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I will tell you that my endo told me that you have to eat and excerise. more than before when we have thyroid disease. Eating 200-300 calories a day may not be enough to get the fuel going in your body. She gave me this web site and it is great for me you might try it and see how it goes...www.yourweight.com remember you have to eat to burn calories.  She told me at least walk around the block three times a week is better than nothing..that is easier said than done when your legs do not want to move. I feel your pain as I'm fighting the same issues but we just have to keep our heads high and give it all...Yes, easier said than done..you are talking to someone that has been trying for over 3 yrs to loose weight lose a few then gain 10 back...it is a extreme emotional roll coaster.

Please us posted. I will keep you in my prayers.

Take Care-Pam
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I feel your pain with the "hyperthyroid with weight gain".  I have the same problem.  I was told that my thyroid problem hits my metabolism so I feel like eating.....
I also have sinus problems that drain into my stomach, back problems and heel spurs that limit my exercise at the present.
Some tips-well, watch what you eat and try to get SOME exercise.  I learned that protein makes you feel full longer because it burns off slower.  I eat alot of fish and chicken.  I eat peanut butter, but it has fat, so be careful how much.  If you eat because you feel depressed, try popcorn and also go for a walk! The natural light outside really lifts up moods!  Try a walk on a beach or go on a trail with a friend.  Exercise also helps you feel "happy" so you need to find something that you can do that helps you burn weight and feel good-what about an eliptical glider? I put one in front of my television. Do a little more each day.  Take your baby for a stoll with a friend along a public track.  
Whatever you do-keep your chin up!!!  I know it is hard and I get sad too, but when you get sad-get on a treadmill or walk! It will take time, but don't weigh yourself daily as you may feel depressed.....stick to a diet and a routine and weigh yourself at the end of a month perhaps.  Even if it is only a couple of pounds, remember it takes time and just don't stop trying.  I am presently getting back on my feet from a back injury.  I have watched what I ate even though I could not exercise much and I have only fluctuated by 3 pounds.   Oh, and if no endo seems to help-read and look up some info yourself.  The library has alot of good thyroid reading.  Just don't give up!!
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I understand what you are saying.  For about a year, I tried to get someone to listen to me.  I gained about 60 pounds in about 4 months.  Something wasnt right.  I weight always flucutated between 5-6 pounds plus or minus.  

At the same time I was on predisone for asthma/allery related issues and hyalagan for my knees.  So walking was kind of out of the question.  My best friend kept saying it was my thyroid (hypo).

Everytime, I did the blood work, everything came back normal and they kept stressing the losing of weight.  I kept saying that nothing has change except I feel tired and for some unknown reason had a taste for sweets, which I never have.

Anyway, I started walking on the bad knees. I had knee surgery on both and injections since the knee surgery on one knee.  Watch what I ate and drank plenty of water. Nothing happen.

I go for the annual rountine check up and walla... my labs are out of whack. The numbers just happen to read hyper in stead of hypo.  Then endo just said, "you should be losing weight".

I have tried everything and to no avail.. Now they are listening just a little..

Don't give up... I haven't....Lord knows I have wanted to.
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I have hashi's (hypo) & gluten intolerance/wheat allergy.  Even with extra meds, I have not been able to lose weight, even tho I was eating tiny quantities.  I asked my nutritionist as I was feeling faint, shaky & extreme tiredness & craving sugar even tho eating lots of fruit & the right celiac food. (couldn't understand how I could gain weight & get so bloated when I hardly ate anything, especially any fats/meats etc)  Turned out I needed much more protein (meat, eggs, dairy) which I had removed from my diet pretty much as I could not digest them well (except eggs ok).  I have reduced my carbs & now following higher protein diet & taking bpep (hydorochloric acid) to help break the protein down.   Have been able to reduce the bloating and fainting feeling and got back a lot of energy & can do a lot more activity.  I didn't realise that I was focusing too much on gluten free & energy food to boost me and was adding to the weight/energy problem.  Nutritionist says body won't release its storages if not eating enough protein.    It seems to be helping a lot.  The first rule is to eat protein for breakfast, & some more every 2.5 hrs thru the day. I don't know if it might help anyone else, but it is helping me (Ps still eat lots of fruit, but after a meal instead of being the meal!)
Cheers Maggie
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Please, please people, have your adrenals checked.  Adrenal fatigue has the same symptoms as thyroid disease and if you are not getting results from thyroid treatment, chances are that your adrenals are not functioning properly, either.  I had mine done through my naturopath.  It is a saliva test done over a day and takes 10 days for the results to come back, so the longer your wait, the longer the problem exists.  It might be something as simple as taking DHEA once of twice a day that will start to get you back on the track to feeling better.  It did me.  So, please, have them checked.
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