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I have swollen ankles around the outsides of both my ankles. This was the main reason I went to the doctor, when they found out I have Graves disease. I am on medication now, but my GP sad my ankles are swollen because I work as a chef and stand too much. My ankles got swollen when I wasn't working as a chef yet and I don't even work as a chef anymore. Is it possible that my ankles are swollen because of my thyroid imbalance? If so,what can I do to get rid of it or to make it less swollen. It is really annoying, especially now that summer's coming. I don't feel good in open shoes. Is it ever gonna be the same? Thanks for your answer!
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Please post your thyroid lab test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.
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Read up on alkaline diet. It may help you. I have gone into detail on another comment under another post on this site.
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