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Hyperthyroidsm and weightloss?

I found out I have Graves disease about a year and a half ago at age 17. I have been taking methimazole for the hyperthyroidism. At first I was taking a huge amount and gained quite a bit of weight. They been reducing the medication slowly over the past year and a half, Cause I was reacting so well to it. They are hoping I will go into remission. Yet with being so close to remission (Only taking 5 mg a day) I realize that I have lost weight which is strange. Before I found out I had hyperthyroidism I weighed 108, while taking it at the most I weight 128. Now I am almost back down to my original unhealthy weight 110. Is this normal for hyperthyroidism if your on medication that is suppose to help with that?
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Historically, what has your "normal" weight been?  Was it much above the 108 that was your low?

What are your current labs?  Please post those with reference ranged from your own lab report.

Is TSI being tested?  Does it show possible remission?

Do you have any other hyper symptoms?

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