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Hypo (Hashis) during Hyper attack?

I have been low thyroid for years, without official Hashis diagnosis. I was prescribed levoxothyroxine a couple of years ago. I Quit taking med 6 months ago (I know...) but after having blood work done for another reason, Doctor was concerned about high thyroid levels.

He ordered further tests for thyroglobulin antibodies hoping it was a lab error. But after having hypothyroid symptoms for years, was concerned about the high thyroid levels AND the high antibodies levels that came back.

I seem to be having a hyperthyroid attack, although all history points to hypo (Hashis)

I have an appt with an endo (great doc referred based on results) but I can't get an appt for almost 3 months.

Is there any treatment for hypothyroid DURING a hyper attack while I wait for a doc and notice enlarged goiter and thyroid issues like sore throat and swelling?

Lab results:
TSH, sensitive - .0052 L
Triiodothyronine free - 10.1 H
Thyroglobulin AB - 801 H
Thyroglobulin - .3 L
T4 Free - 2.47

I could use some help interpreting the results and finding out if I should undergo any kind of treatment while awaiting my Dr. (endo) appt 3 months from now. I do have an enlarged mass on one side of my neck and am anxious to find out how concerned I should be.
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Sorry for the duplicate post.... trying to find the most appropriate place to post.,.
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