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Hypo hyper I'm just lost

I've been feeling awful for over 6 months. I go through phases of constipation and really soft stool which contains almost whole foods.  I know it's gross but hey I'm desperately trying to figure this all out ;)

Anyway besides the awful gastro stuff which takes up a lot of my time in a day, of course there's the severe fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, no appetite, severe nausea, dizziness especially when standing up, and just a bunch of other crap. I can't seem to get good help from a dr cause all of my labs are within "normal" range and my last dr dropped me cause I was late to 2 appointments cause I was feeling well.  

Anyway here r my labs....please help any input help suggestions leads would be awesome:

T3 total 1.01
T4 free 1.13
Tsh 1.10
ACTH 18pg/ml
Antithyroid peroxidase antibodies 28 lab says >60 is ok but mayo clinic says >9 so beats me
Anti thyroglobulin antibodies 15 again lab >60
Creatinine .6
Sodium 137
Potassium 3.7
Chloride 105
Glucose 74 (I wasn't fasting)
Alkaline phosphate 35
Albumin 4.8
Globulin 2.5
My mono n eos were low on the blood work stuff too.

Also, another bit of random info is that I gathered up some previous testing and found an MRI from 2004 when I was in college which state something like multifocal punctuate us centimeter high signal intensity foci on FLAIR and t2 weighted sequences involving the corona radiata and centrum semiovale in the anterior and mid aspect. These high signal intensities foci are also seen involving the sub cortical white matter of the temporal lobes bilaterally. These same areas are isointense on t1 and weighted sequences. At the end do the report, there's a statement that a demyelinating disease cannot be ruled out. That was 10 years ago and I was 22 my dr at that time  never followed  up! ;(
Anyway please help :)
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Sorry, I've been away, so haven't been online much the past week; I'll take a closer look at everything as soon as I can...
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I put up the ranges. Any thoughts?
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I actually take b12 shots weekly.  Also, I forgot to mention I have a poor family history n a small family pedigree. I'm the only child n my father, paternal uncle n paternal grandmother all died in their early 40s. I don't know their cause of death but for all three they somehow "got sick" n weren't feeling well for a while n went to the hospital n died within 3 days.

Oh one more thing I've been tanned all my life n I have hyperpigmentation all over my hands n feet n creases n my dentist has seen spots on my tongue that he was worried about but then it went away n I just notice another so I gotta show him it. I also have 3 cafe au laite spell check lol spots all since I was lil. One under my arm probably about 5-6 inches long n 2-3 inches wide
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Check out: B12d - B12 Signs & Symptoms Assessment to try out the vitamin B12 deficiency quiz.
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I have all of the symptoms of hyper u listed as well as muscle aches and pains, cold and heat intolerance and insomnia.

Lab reference range
T3 total .6-1.81
T4 free .89-1.76
Sodium 136-145
Potassium 3.6-4.5
Chloride 98-107
Albumin 3.5-5.7
Globulin 2.0-3.5
Creatinine .6-1.2
Glucose 70-99
Alkaline phosphate 34-104
Tsh .35-4.50

I really can't believe someone responded I'm just amazed wow this really nice I feel like help is on the way I hope lol

Sorry to make it difficult with the ranges not being in the original post.
Let me know of I'm missing anything I'm 32 and my memory is ain't what it used to be :)
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We need the reference ranges for the lab results.  Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.  Please verify the Total T3... That doesn't look like anything we normally see for T3, either Total or Free.

Do you have any other symptoms of hyper or hypo, besides the gastro ones?  Symptoms of hyper could be weight loss, tremors, mood disorders, heat intolerance, rapid heart rate, etc.  Symptoms of hypo could be weight gain, cold intolerance, muscle/joint aches/pains, GERD, slow heart rate, high cholesterol.  Depression, fatigue and anxiety, heart palps can be symptoms of either.
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