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Hypo with normal tsh and borderline low free t4?

I have been for 2 months now experiencing extreme fatigue, I can't even drive myself home from work unless I take an energy drink first to keep me awake.  I had always been normal in this departmenmt.  I have always had troubles losing weight and troubles with weight gain, dry skin, coarse hair.  I tried everything to releive the exhaustion to changing my diet to exercising more, to excersising less.  I also quit taking birth control to see if that would help, and have recently takenm a test so Im not pregnant.  I went to dr and she ordered lab tests my results were as follows:

tsh: 1.0 (.3-3.0)
free t4 .8 (.8-5.2.0

what could this mean? should I rule out thyriod and look somewhere else or could the borderline low free t4 be causing all my symptoms?
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I have had this Lab combo for years.  Recently I was Diagnosed with Hashimoto's.  I have the aches, the Tiredness am on medication for Depression and have occasional flares where I get extremly scary Panic Attacks.  I will get a wave come over me,  Get physically sick (throw up and diarhea) and cannot make a descision during this time.  I was given xanax for these episodes.  I have hair loss, but my finger nails actually grow very fast, mood swings and had multiple miscarriages before finally getting diagnosed.  

My TSH    0.72 (which would make me Hypothyroid)
Free T4     0.56 (low)

I sure hope you find some relief,  I am currently searching for an Endocrinologist who will take a stronger approach to my symptoms.  
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i also have been suffering fom depression
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