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hello, my name is joe, i am a 20 year old male college student, i recently had blood work drawn and found out i have a hypoparathyroid. my PTH was 5, which is two times lower then it should be. but my calcium was 10.0 which is in the average range. about two years ago now i was diagnoised with a psychotic mental illness, but i have always felt that the cause of my problems were physical. here is a list of the symptoms i experiance. i have had problems with insomnia, (in my opinion) abnormal hair loss(not only receding, but very thin all over the scalp, problems with memory, moderate sexual problems, very high apatite(but never gain weight even when i try to) , fatiuge, and muscle weakness, i used to be quite athletic in my first two years of highschool but have been unable to gain much strength desite working out regularly. i believe whatever is going on with me has been going on for years. what could be the reasons as to why my parathryoid hormone is so very low??? i should also add that my doctor had never seem a PTH as low as mine for an individual that never had thyroid surgery.  i just got my referal to see an endocronologist in the mail.
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i should also add that i had my calcium tested twice, the first time it was 10.4, and the second time it was 10.0, i only had my PTH tested once and that was the second time my blood was drawn. so, its logical to asume that my PTH could have been even lower had it been tested the first time i had my blood drawn. i also have not had my thyroid tested yet, thats next.
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That's not that uncommon to have the calcium ranged "normal" with other abnormal tests.

And I don't see complete parathyroid tests listed here. Have they ran the Vit D and phosphorus tests?

HAve you looked on the parathyroid . com site to additional resources?
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Go to this website PLEASE!!!!! for your sake!

Parathryoid .com a lot of info.. they are more hyper... than hypo info..BUT!!!! they have a number you can call. They are in FLA. the best of the best when it comes to parathyriods and what's going on.

best of luck!
Suzanne/ logansrun
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on tuesday i was formally diagnoised with a hypoparathyroid. my PHT was 5 pg/mL. i had some more blood work done to see what the root cause of my low PTH was. i dont see the endocronologist until oct.21st. my primary doctor told me that hypoparathyroidism could potentially be a cause for (toxic delirium-psychosis, insomnia, memory loss, sexual problems, muscle weakness, and fatiuge) severel of which symptoms i have experianced. i wont know my complete blood results until some time next week. most of the blood work i have had so far, came back normal. with the exception of slightly elevated serium calcium, and hemoglobin but i did have a few numbers which were more distressing. i have now had my my testosterone tested 3 times the first time my Total Testosterone was 323, second time 532, and most recently 505, all of which are concidered low for someone of my age, particularly for someone as physically active as myself.(average 20 year old male has Total Testosterone between 800-1500ng/dL) my doctor had few anwsers for me, as i am only the second patient he had ever diagnoised with secondary hypoparathyroidism.  my doctor said there is a high posability the cause of my condition is idiopathic, and more then likely easily correctible. so i see an endocronologist in 4 weeks. but as far as the lowered total testosterone levels, could my hypoparathyroid ultimatly be related to my lowered total testosterone?? and how "affective" and "safe" are the GNC testosterone booster supplements??
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I think you will be given a full endocrine workup.  They can easily replace the testosterone with a suplement (directly giving testosterone rather than any booster supplement).

Most of these things are quite treatable if they can be properly defined and monitored and you have a good endo.

let us know how you go.
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my pth is 2.5...  I am 39 years old, male

In year 2000, I started getting very weak, I could hardly walk a mile, I had difficulty breathing, can hardly concentrate, etc., and just like you, some doctors thought this was a case of psychosis...  my calcium was at a normal level...

for ten years, I experimented with so many things, I almost turned vegetarian, slowly got back to exercising, I even tried triathlon in 2002 and competed in several competitions, played basketball, jogged everyday, yet the symptoms were unmistakably there...

then in 2010 when cramping could not be stopped, an endocrinologist worked me up and found out that some of my bones were thinning, thus I went for a pth testing and there it was found out that my pth was really way way below normal...

I am on a 4- calcium-tablet a day medication, exercising is quite difficult because I may be able to run for 10 k but after the course, my muscles would contract heavily that I would hyper ventilate and feel unrelaxed... I am, what you may say, experimenting on how to deal with this... but with prayers and faith in God, one day I would overcome all these...  I pray that you too would find what would best suit you... good luck!
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