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Hypopituitarism and Insatiable Appetite

I’m 22 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with hypopitutarism.  I’m just now starting treatment (Armour, somatropin, testosterone injections, HCG, Arimidex.  My cortisol and prolactin are currently normal).  I’m about 185 lbs at around 12% body fat.

My question:
Since December (when I first noticed symptoms of the hypopituitarism) I've experienced hyperphagia.  I've been hungry constantly, and no matter how much I eat I still crave more food.  I've tried stimulants (ephedrine/caffeine) with almost no effect.  I've spent the last two months on a ketogenic diet which has helped a very small amount.  I exercise regularly and I wouldn't say I've gained much weight, maybe a couple pounds.  I understand that a tumor in the hypothalamus region can cause hyperphagia, but is it possible that it's a symptom of the hormone deficiencies?  If not, can it be treated?  Has anyone experienced this?  

I really appreciate anyone who can offer some advice/thoughts.
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