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Hypothyroid, I dun wish to start Alopathic, pls guide

Hello,  I am female 33, single and was diagnosed thyroid at border line that is TSH 5.41MicroU/ml, T3 1.06 ng/ml, T4 8.54,B12 148.3, Vit D 5 in 27Jan15. Later it was 5.56 in  25Jul15.After that sudden jump was found in TSH tht is 9.812 in 07nov15,T3 107.75 ng/dl, T4 10.20 ng/dl, Vit B12 128,Vit D 18.9, and now TSH is 10.74,T3  1.31, T4 8.22. I have yet not started Thyronorm or any alopathic medicine. I am gaining weight. Feel puffy face n neck smetimes,  an ear pain which was there sometimes since more th n a year but realized it might b due to thyroid.. its ear strain frm inside out and no pinning in ears. Feel sleepless smetimes but that is due to worry of this thyrpid I suppose. I hve long problem of HB since childhood but that was much better in last 10 years.  I feel numbness in hands n legs if in same position for smetime,  Feel very dry in throat even in sleep,  severe.  Is it pre diabetese!!  Pls help me get rid of.  I hare alopathic and not able to accept I ll hve to take alopathic. I took homeopathic medicine for a month after nov report of 9.812 TsH.  which I am nt taking nw and everybody is telling me if u ll nt start alopathic ur system ll get  Damaged. I feel helpless. can anybdy pls suggest me any alternative or guide on this what should I do.  I hve already started yoga and improvised my food habits. waiting  eagerly of ur responses. Thanks.
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We'll need the reference ("normal") ranges for your FT3 and FT4.  Ranges have to come from your own lab report because they vary lab to lab.

Your B-12 is way too low.  In some countries, the lower end of the B-12 range is 500.  Your result is abysmal.  It probably accounts for the numbness and tingling you've been experiencing.  Once you start to supplement, be sure to follow up to make sure your level is going up.  Pernicious anemia is the inability to absorb B-12 through the gut.  If you have PA, oral supplements will do you no good.  

Vitamin D is also much lower than it has to be for proper thyroid health.  D deficiency can cause hypo-like symptoms, and D is also necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones and must be present in cells for thyroid hormones to get in and do their work.  Some doctors will prescribe 50,000 IU per week of D until the level rises and then scale back as necessary.  You might ask your doctor about that.

What's HB?

Every cell in your body needs thyroid hormone.  So, it's important not to ignore hypothyroidism for too long.  I'll have more to say once you've posted ranges.  
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