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Hypothyroid/Iron Deficiency Anemia/Heart Flutters

46F, Caucasian, 150lbs, 5’6”

Hypothyroid for 23 years due to fluoride. (Used to take 120mg of NP thyroid) Removal of fluoride has reversed my condition too rapidly for my body’s hormones (it happened in 1 month). Displayed Hyperthyroid symptoms in April. Went to ER 3 times due to heart scares - checked out ok.

I was completely off thyroid medication when I developed a heart flutter. Had to go back on a small dose (12.5mcg synthroid) to make it less, but now showing signs of hyperthyroid symptoms again.

_Bloodwork as of 8/9/22:_
T3: 74 (range 71-180)
Reverse T3: 11 (range 9.2-24.1)
T4: .85 (range .82-1.77)

TSH in 4 months went from 86 (April) to currently 19.1.

My iron levels are currently good:
*ferritin: 19 *tibc: 297 *Uibc: 231 *Iron: 66 *Iron Saturation: 22%

Am also on 15mg of propranolol to help, but it’s not controlling the flutter. Scared to switch to metoprolol (25mg).

Will the flutter resolve once my pituitary gland reaches a normal level?
Should I switch beta blockers from Propranolol to Metoprolol?
How long will it take for my TSH levels to reach a normal level if I slowly decrease or stop medication?
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If you have test results from April please post them along with reference ranges.  

When did you stop the NP Thyroid?

When  you mention hyperthyroid symptoms, is that in addition to  the heart flutter?  I ask that because your August test results point to being hypothyroid, not hyperthyroid.  Also, your ferritin level is way too low.  It should be at least 100.

If you look around a bit online you will find info such as this:  "Although it is well known that hyperthyroidism can produce atrial fibrillation, it is less well recognized that hypothyroidism can predispose to ventricular dysrhythmias."
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