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Hypothyroid and Irregular Menstrual Cycle

I would like to hear from anyone who is Hypothyroid and has had/has irregular menstrual cycles that were extended and not stopping. My cycle is always normal/heavy (5-6days) except for this month. My flow lasted 5 days, however I am still bleeding @ day #11. Went to my doc and he checked me out, concluded that it is my hormones (which I figured anyhow), but would like to know what experience other have had with this issue.

Just to Add: I obviously am not converted due to the many health issues that I am experiencing and am in the midst of finding a new endo that listens to me and not only my labs....
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One of the first signs that my wife is trending Hypo is irregular periods.  She will start like spotting for a day, then stop, then back on, then heavy etc.  Also the timing is irregular.

Menstrual issues with Hypo is pretty common. One book I read which was an old book made the connection.  The Dr then went back into his practice and determined that a very high percentage of women who had hysterectomy's also later were found to have low Thyroid.  And he found that women once treated for Thyroid determined that their menstrual issues went away.  Leading the Dr to wonder how many Hysterectomy's were performed that didn't really need to be done if those women had their Thyroid treated properly?
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I am currently reading a book on thyroid issues and it's very imformative and also states that "irregular cycles" can be caused by thyroid issues. I had a Thyroidectomy back in dec 09" and my symptoms are worsening. I have started on 25mcg synthroid and up to 75, then up to 88, then up to 100 and back down to 88...so obviously I need add'l assistence in med's. My Endo is stuck on TSH, as most doc's are and he doesn't even test my Free T3 level, it is I, who checks it off on the labs just so I know what they are and it is always on the low end of normal, which I sure is my problem. I have to search and find a Doc who is willing to try me on Armour or anyother T3 med just to see if it helps, because Synthroid alone isn't cutting it for me. I have 4 specialists that I'm seeing now since my TT and it's really bothersome for me, so I have to find the energy and tackly this, but that's a whole nother post in itself.    
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Here's another member struggling with a similar problem:


Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well...
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I need a good doctor, that's all! Thanks for the link. I am having more and more issues on top of this and it's not easy at all. Wish I would've kept my thyroid.
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I think I will keep an eye on this for a couple of months, I don't really want to have to go back on HRT if I can help it. :( However it did seem to settle the periods down for a while.
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I do get irregular periods....

Sometimes I get them twice in one month. I never know when they are coming.....

I had a TT back in 1994. I just switched my dosage from 125mcg to 175mcg, so I am sure that will also throw off my cycles....
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