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Hypothyroid symptoms and a few questions: Please help


I have been experiencing many hypothyroid symptoms lately, but have been to many doctors and still can't seem to get an answer.  I have extreme fatigue, joint paint, muscle aches, major brain fog / cloudiness, migraines, have trouble failing asleep and even more trouble staying asleep.

I am 5'6, 138lbs and I am in good physical shape and I go to the gym, but I get winded really easily and take a while to recover.

I had my doctor run some initial tests and the results are below, I am still going to back to be tested for free t3 and reverse t3.  I am wondering though can I have a normal functioning thyroid and my body just can't convert the t4 to t3 or can't use the t3?

TSH 1.67
T4, Free 1.5
T4, Total 8.1


I did see an Endo today, but he thought my thyroid was working fine.  I feel like I have all the symptoms of being hypo, I just can't seem to prove it lol.


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can you post the ranges on these tests?

Ken - have you had your total testosterone checked?

also - what about PTO  (antibodies for hashimotos - have they told you that you have hashimotos?)
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Hi Brucegoldberg,

Thanks for your response, I should start by also saying that I started getting these tests done because my blood work came back with high calcium and high triglyerides.  Here are the results again with ranges and calcium and triglycerides.

I have not been tested for hashimotos, my testoterone is being checked, I should know next week.
TSH 1.67                           0.40 - 4.50
T4, Free 1.5                       0.8 - 1.8
T4, Total 8.1                       4.5 - 12.0


Calcium 10.5                        8.6 - 10.3
Triglycerides  172                    <150 mg/dL



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Your FT4 looks really good, so it does appear that your thyroid is functioning fine.  It is possible that your FT4 levels are fine, but you don't convert T4 to T3 well.  However, this is very rare in a person not on thyroid meds.  

High calcium is a parathyroid issue, and the only relationship between thyroid and parathyroid is proximity in the body.

By all means, have FT3 tested.  It's the piece of the thyroid puzzle that's missing.  

Other conditions that can mimic thyroid symptoms:  vitamin D deficiency, iron or ferritin deficiency, B-12 deficiency.  Also, conversion of T4 to T3 can be impacted by selenium deficiency.  All those can and should be tested.

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