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Hypothyroidism & burning eyes/ tongue

Hi! Wondering if this has to do with my thyroid being off & not taking my pill correctly ?? I am 37 yr old female. I have had hypothyroidism for 15+ yrs. I did get a blood test in Sept & said my levels were fine. How quick can they change?

In the beginning of October I developed a red/burning tongue, red irritated spots in the roof of my mouth & some inside of cheek. I had burning tho down my throat that felt like I drank something very hot. Along with irritated burning eyes that come & go. Overall I felt fine just my mouth was on fire.
I went to immediate care & they thought viral infection & sent me home. A week later I saw my dentist thinking he could give me more insite & he said nothing to over worry about ..had me get Clysos antibacterial mouth rinse..said the same thing & let it take its course. Mouth rinse seemed to help some, along with salt water rinses. Everything mostly subsided but it was about a month & my tongue was still red on & off. Two weeks ago I went In to see him again & he said my mouth was a lot  better..it was 99% gone.

Fast forward to a few days ago & symptoms are back. I don’t have the burning down my throat but red tongue & some red spots/dots on the roof of my mouth..this is so frustrating!! My sinuses have been acting up also & my eyes are red & irritated again. I just don’t feel the best & starting to get worried. Thanks so much for any ( hoping positive )info in advance.
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I've not heard of this as a specific symptom of hypothyroidism, however, I'd never rule it out.  If you have results of recent thyroid tests, please post them, along with the corresponding lab reference ranges, since ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report.  

Some people have reported a type of mouth thrush, which is, typically, characterized by a white layer over the tongue.  This can be caused by yeast overgrowth, which is not uncommon with hypothyroidism.  

In addition, sinus issues/allergies can cause redness of the eyes, irritation in the throat, etc.  

It's very important that you take your thyroid medication regularly and properly to get the best absorption from it. It should be taken first thing in the morning with water and nothing to eat/drink for 30-60 minutes...
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Excerpt from Wikipedia - Burning Mouth Syndrome...

"Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a burning sensation in the mouth with no underlying dental or medical cause.[3]"

"Apart from BMS itself, a full list of causes of an oral burning sensation is given below:

Deficiency of iron, folic acid or various B vitamins (glossitis e.g. due to anemia), or zinc[20]

Neuropathy, e.g. following damage to the chorda tympani nerve.


Medications ("scalded mouth syndrome", unrelated to BMS) - protease inhibitors and angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors (e.g. captopril).[1][5][17]

Type 2 diabetes[17]

True xerostomia, caused by hyposalivation e.g. Sjögren's syndrome

Parafunctional activity, e.g. nocturnal bruxism or a tongue thrusting habit.

Restriction of the tongue by poorly constructed dentures.

Geographic tongue.[17]

Oral candidiasis.[17]

Herpetic infection (herpes simplex virus).[21]

Fissured tongue.[1]

Lichen planus.[1]

Allergies and contact sensitivities to foods, metals, and other substances (see table).

Hiatal hernia.[1]

Human immunodeficiency virus.[1]

Multiple myeloma[22]"
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