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Hypothyroidism, Triglycerides, and Blood Sugar

A recent blood test : TSH 6.6, Triglycerides 239, glucose 103
Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prediabetes.  Prescribed Levothyroxine and after 1 month TSH is 2.28.
I have never had fasting glucose above 87 or Triglycerides above 170.  Can the recent high values be because my TSH at the time was high?  If so, how long should I wait to have my glucose retested to see if I am truly prediabetic?
Should I test my glucose randomly?  I am concerned about being labeled prediabetic because of insurance issues.  
I have never had any other health problems.  I am 49.
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Being hypothyroid (I see your TSH was 6.6) will cause the lipids (ie cholesterol, triglyerides) to go up.  Everytime I get TSH above 4-5, my cholesterol & trigs would go up.  It's a know fact by doctors that hypothyroidism can cause an elevation of lipids.

Are you taking meds for cholesterol & did they test for it?  This last TSH was 10.8 and it was the first time that my lipids did not go out of range.  They went up about 20-30 points but cholesterol stayed below 200 ( it was 166).  Trig was 109.  But I currently take both Crestor (5 mg-lowest dose & not the usual dose which is around 20 mg), plus I take 10 mg of Zetia, too.  I had chemo induced menopause in my late 40's which has ever since caused the cholesterol to be elevated so I've been on cholesterol meds for some time.

I would 2nd others suggestion that you make sure the tests were taken fasting (including a cholesterol), the FT3 & FT3, and HgbA1c.  I, too, am prediabetic and determined NOT to become diabetic if at all possible.  They actually monitor my Hgb A1c and usually once a year do a glucose tolerance test, too.  I fall into the metabolic syndrome, so they seem to be keeping an eye on it.

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Thank you everyone for all of the info.  This is totally new to me!
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My cholesterol went through the roof!  My Dr. wants to retest in 6 months to see if the Levo brings it down.  I'm so happy he has a "wait and see" attitude on this one.

I've also had the A1C test.  It checks how the sugar proteins are bound to the red blood cells.  Since red blood cells live about 4 months, it  gives an idea if you have had high blood sugar for the last 4 months.
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ha1c test can give better idea of blood sugar than fasting or even random testing.  see if they can test that.
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Usually with a fasting glucose level above 100, it's retested again right away to see if there's a similar result.  It can fluctuate a lot and with it at 103, I'm surprised they diagnosed prediabetes based on just one test.  And I'm not sure if blood sugar is affected by thyroid issues or not............

I randomly check my fasting glucose levels and about 95% of the time, they are routinely in the 105-120 range, but on the day I went to the lab for the test, it was only 95, so my pcp said there was nothing wrong with me and refused to even LOOK at the record I had been keeping.  If checking your blood sugar randomly throughout the day - make sure you wait 2 hrs after eating.......

Thyroid can definitely cause cholesterol levels to rise, so your triglycerides might come down with the levothyroxine - mine did........

Remar is right - ask you doctor for Free T4 and Free T3 tests along with the TSH.  TSH is a pituitary hormone and not indicative of what the thyroid is doing.  Free T4 and Free T3 are the actual thyroid hormones that need to be monitored.  
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That's great that your TSH came down.
Hypothyroidism can make your cholesterol high.
You glucose is right at borderline. They want it to be 100 or below when fasting.
You can test your glucose randomly. Check it when you've fasted for 12 hours and check it after you eat.
How long ago were your first tests done? When do you go back to have your thyroid levels checked again? Ask them if you can also have your cholesterol levels and glucose levels checked again at the same time.
Is your Dr also checking your Frees? FT3, FT4. Those numbers are extremely important.  
I would'nt be surpised at all if your cholesterol numbers come way down once you get your thyroid balanced. Your glucose is so close to normal range. Test it at home if you have the things to do it. Take care. Remar
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