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Hypothyroidism and Insomnia

I would like some help with Hypothyroidism and Insomnia, as that was the main reason that I finally after 2 weeks got in to see my DR and did the blood work.  On July 10 I was diagnosed HYPOthyroid and put on Synthroid 50mcg.  Most of what I read says that it is a HYPERthyroid symptom, but I have both fatigue and sleeplessness.  My symptoms started the month before when my wife noticed puffyness under my eyes.  I also felt a bit depressed for no reason and lacked energy.  The week after Father's Day the symptoms really kicked in.  I started waking at night, and would be up for 2-3 hours and then fall asleep again, this would happen 2-3 nights a week.  I also felt fatigued and had a bad case of 'brain fog' that only abated temporarily if I took a strong B-50 Complex.

As the following weeks went on the sleeplessness got worse, I would wake up and be up all night.  The following night I would sleep probably from exhaustion, but then the next night I'd be up all night.  This cycle continued.  The other Hypothyroid symptoms persisted as well.  When I got the blood work back I was advised that in March my TSH was 4.5 and now it is 16.5.  I have been on Synthroid for a week, and the brain fog is gone, the fatigue is much less but still present, my head is clear but the sleep cycle disturbance continues.

For the first 6 nights after starting synthroid, I went back to the way I was a month ago where I would sleep, be up for 2 hours, then sleep till sun-up or the alarm.  However on the 7th night I was up all night, the next night was like the previous 6, and the following night I slept all night for almost 9 hours uninterupted! I felt groggy but a good work out cleared my head.

Do you have any advice for me?  Is this something that the Synthroid therapy needs more time to get my sleep rythem cycle back on track?  I don't understand how I slept all night on Saturday but then last night I was up all night.

Thank you in advance.
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Being Dx with hypothyroid is only- sorry to say - for most only the beginning.

Until your levels begin to balanced out and you feel better - THEN you body will start the healing process - THEN your symptoms will start to go away.

I do know what you are going through - as many here also. I still have bouts of sleeplessness (like yesterday).
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Me too.....last night i couldn't sleep for nothing!! This happens to me a few nights a week and I never seem to sleep deeply anymore!
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I had awful insomnia as well.

I read that the sleep pattern getting back to normal indicates sucessfully treated hypo.

Your dose is still probably too low to bring the TSH down to below the recommended level of 1-2. It may take a while as stated above.

You should be due for repeat labs and a med adjustment in August, is that right?

You may consider asking the doctor for a short term sleep aid. I needed Trazadone and Ativan to sleep for a few months.

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i haven't slept deeply in who know how long. i wanted to see if anyone else is having to use the bathroom alot at night i think last night i got up like 6times.
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Yes I have a feeling the initial dose is too low at 50.  I was given a 1 month supply sample and a prescribed another 50 but told to come in for follow up blood work.  I guess that should be before I fill the prescription? Which would make it around the first week in August.

I guess also I should not settle for 5.0 TSH but should really be below 3.0 TSH is that correct?
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I'll give you a link on the proper TSH:


page 18 states this:

"The American Thyroid Association recommends that your doctor try to keep your TSH within a narrow range of 0.5 to 2.0 mU/L. Within this range, your body gets the best possible amount of thyroxine and you're likely to feel the best."

The above paragraph should be screamed into the ear of every doctor, no matter what specialty.

So, really not even below 3 is good enough. Below 2, closer to 1. My endo will me go to the bottom of the range to see if we can find where I feel best. (If only my TSH hadn't jumped up to 5.1 from 1.2.)  :((

Print out the above brochure and bring it with you.
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