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Hypothyroidism and excessive sweating

Hello All,

This is sort of gross but ever since my partial thyroidectomy in September 2007, I have been excessively sweating all the time, especially in my armpits. I have never had a problem with sweating before in my life. I am hypothyroid but seem to have symptoms of both hyper and hypo.
I have tests done and it's not menopause or adrenal issues. I am currently on .50 of Synthroid and I believe my last TSH was 2.9?? ( still confused how all THAT works).

Anyway, has anyone else noticed themselves sweating, a lot?  

Is it the Synthroid? Is it that my levels are not right?

Any info, help, same stories???

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Me too.  I can just be standing, doing nothing and start sweating.  Moreover, though Im Hypo, I have an intolorance to heat not cold.  I love the cold bc I DONT SWEAT.  It is so emparassing. (pls excuse the spelling...)
That is totally what I am gong through. Really Irritating and embarrassing.
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P.S. I don't think that its the synthroid bc I had this prob b4 the meds.
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Hi Cris,

Yes, I have been experiencing this very embarrassing problem since I had my thyroid
removed. In fact, I'm sitting here next the the open door, typing. Must be quite a
workout because I am sweating right now. In the clinic department where I work,
it seems l am hearing people complain all day about how cold it is. Well, they
don't have to work in that department, so I keep it as cold as the a/c will allow.
Sometimes I want to jump into the deep freezer just to cool off. My only coworker
wears long sleeves and a long sleeve lab coat to keep warm. But, there I am
self-conscious, sure I am not the lovely fresh flower I want to be. I am currently
hypo, meds are messed up again, but the cold air is a welcome treat.

So, yes, I am somewhat relieved to know there are people who share my pain.
But, when I'm cold...it has to be really cold out...I'm freezing! There doesn't seem
to be a happy medium in there for me at all :(
Wow there are so many people that have this issue. Has anyone come up with a (DRY) solution to this water problem?  lol
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Thanks for getting back to me. Well I am glad that I am not alone.

Hmm. If you are saying it is not the actual medication, then what do you attribute it to?
TSH levels not right?
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Thanks for getting back to me.

Sounds like your TSH level is not right either. Could this be the problem? Have you been tested for anything else to rule other reasons out?
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I am currently a second year medical student and was recently diagnosed with Hoshimoto's thyroiditis (the most common form of primary hypothyroidism) and my hyperhidrosis is what caused me to seek clinical attention -It's embarrassing to do a physical exam on someone and start sweating all over them. The TSH test is the most sensitive test for hypothyroidism and is the best indicator for positive clinical outcome Why this test works is because TSH is secreted under negative feedback via free T3 (which is converted from T4 in the brain) therefore, High TSH means that there is either a pituitary tumor (Very Very RARE and tend to be familial) or primary hypothyroidism (>99%). This can be differentiated by a laboratory measurement of high free T4 (=TUMOR) or Low free T4 (=Primary thyroid dysfunction). To answer your question, the primary hypothyroidisms are clinically diagnosed with a TSH over 10 and low free T4, so your TSH being below 10 seems makes me believe that you are in a euthyroid state on your current replacement therapy. Levothyroxine (Synthroid) is literally a T4 replacement that is made by recombinant bacteria; therefore, since this is analogous to natural T4 it isn't likely to be the problem. However, I feel your pain 100% because my hyperhidrosis is currently the bane of my existence. Theoretically, after prolonged treatment there should be a down regulation of the sweat glands after a prolonged state of euthyroidism however, I am not so lucky as to have experienced this yet! The problem stems from the fact that there is a high stress level on the body which causes excess DHEA-S to be secreted from the adrenal glands (primarily due to an attempt to replace gonadal hormones like testosterone from the low Luteinizing hormone via High TSH) this causes maturation and overstimulation of the sweat glands and other things like male-pattern baldness, enlarging prostate, and thick facial hair (Hirsutism). This process is accelerated if you are overweight and/or a smoker. Hope this answers your question fully and I wish you the best..
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