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Hypothyroidism and food making me more sick?

I just left the ER a day ago my blood pressure went from 150/112 to 90/76.  My TSH came back at 5.73.  I have an appointment today as I feel a mind fog and dizzy feeling 24/7.  Today I drank a homemade shake for breakfast, all it had was berries milk and protein.  While drinking it I didn't think it was sweet but afterwards something hit me like a ton of bricks!  I felt like I had eaten 25 chocolate bars, it made me so sick and even more disoriented.  Is this normal?
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No that doesn't sound normal, but it also doesn't sound thyroid related; it sounds more like a blood glucose issue.  

Please list your current thyroid hormone levels, with reference ranges, so we can better assess your situation.  

Do you have diabetes or have you been tested for it?  Some protein powders have a lot of sugars in them and are not suitable if one has impair glucose tolerance.
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I don't have my thyroid hormone levels yet, I go see the doctor again this afternoon.  I can post them here once, they are drawn and returned.  Still have this mild headache but more so just dizzy confused state of mind.
Although high blood sugar runs in my family, I have been tested about 3 years ago and they said my glucose levels were normal.  I will ask to see if I can have that retested as well!  Thank you Barb135!
Just came back from my PCP, they will have my T3 and T4 levels in a couple days at most.  My glucose was 121 but I had eaten lunch, and my A1C was 419 which they said was a low 3 month average.
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