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My Doctors at Kaiser will not treat my symptoms and will not refer me out. Not sure if I should go outside of Kaiser or maybe I don't need to be treated. I have been having problems getting pregnant along with a list of hyprothyroid symptoms. My main problems are hair loss, infertility, mood swings, headaches, irregular periods and most of all fatigue. I am 36 and my ob has ruled out perimenopause. My THS levels were 6.32 and two days later they were 4.86. Also my THYROPEROXIDASE ANTIBODY was 37, which I was told that was high. I am tired of being tried and really need help. My MD said I probably have fibromyalgia, which I don't believe. My mother had goiters on her thyroid as a child and had them out. My sister is hypothyroid and my grandmother had Graves disease. At this point I am tired of telling my story and getting the same response of them just trying to treat every symptom as different problems. What ahould I do?

Thank you
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Your TSH of 6.32 clearly indicates hypothyroidism.  In addition, your TPOab of 37 is elevated, just slightly, but elevated.  You need to see someone who will treat you and get your symptoms under control.  You will feel a lot better.
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I can't believe your doctors didn't diagnose you with hypo with a TSH of 6.32. Yikes!!!

Go to an endo for a second opinion. I love how docs slap the fibromyalgia label on patients when they don't know how to properly diagnose them. I've been diagnosed with shingles, fibromyalgia, and a few others.

Here is a good article, which suggests that some people with a TSH of above 1.5 will have hypo. So to be in the six range, and not be diagnosed hypo is absurd!!!


Best of luck to you.
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