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I am asking about my symptoms. TSH8.4. Sluggish with no motivation. Some days I feel drugged and completely out of it, other days just tired with no energy. I have gained over 20 lbs in less that 3 months. I am extremely forgetful about even basic stuff. I have had an US and FNA but have not received the biopsy results yet. My reflexes are also sluggish and I overheat to the point of feeling like I want to lay down when I work out despite drinking lots of water. I have just started my 4th period in 41 days. Are these symptoms typical of hypo or is there something else going on as well???
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They're all symptoms of hypo, but of course, can be symptoms of other things as well.  

Did your doctor test anything besides TSH?  FT3 and FT4?  If so, please post those results with reference ranges that vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report.  

Is your doctor suggesting meds?    A TSH of 8.4 can indicate hypothyroidism.  Until thyroid hormones can be optimized, I'd operate on the theory that all those symptoms are thyroid related.  

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Thanks for the reply.
ENT wanted to wait for FNA results to rule out cancer. They were also quirying one of the nodules as a liquifying adenoma. If you know what that is please let me know as I cannot find anything about it.
Calcium test normal, T3 & t4 tested but I don't have the results. CBC normal, Glucose normal. TSH 8.4 (0.5 - 4.5) at my lab. F/U mid Sept for biopsy results. Last week was a complete blur. Finding out from coworkers what I did or didn't do last week was a little scary. More bloated today, almost feel like I'm pregnant above my belly button. Are these symptoms typical for hypo? Just wondering because most of them only started in June which according to what I've read is pretty fast.
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I've never heard of a "liquefying" adenoma before.  I couldn't find anything on it, either.  

It would be really helpful if you could call your doctor';s office and get the results of FT3 and FT4 (and be sure to get reference ranges as well since they vary lab to lab).  Be sure to ask if they are FREE T3 and FREE T4 or total T3 and total T4.

Bloating and/or development of belly fat are both symptoms of hypo.  Every cell in your body has to have thyroid hormone to metabolize, so when hormones are low, your whole body is affected.  Digestion is also slowed.  

"Just wondering because most of them only started in June which according to what I've read is pretty fast. ."  I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "pretty fast".  
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In reference to "pretty fast", I went and saw a Dr. The first day that I felst completely foggy and drugged and he asked me if I had any mental health issues, which I did not, and said that thyroid symptoms appear over months, not weeks. My symptoms have been progressing ever since, almost to the point that I am almost unable to function at work and be assured that I remember everything I have or have not done. I feel that I am in a haze almost all day. It's getting annoying and frustrating.
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Symptoms appear at different rates depending on the individual and in the case of Hashi's, how fast the antibodies are destroying thyroid function.  Hashi's can take decades, or it can go like gangbusters.  Also, symptoms creep up on you.  The first day you felt completely foggy and drugged might just have been the first day it got bad enough for you to really notice.  Perhaps you'd just felt a "little" foggy and drugged up to that point but had attributed it to something else???  

I'd compare it to eyesight.  One day, I was working with a colleague and realized I couldn't read the fine print in a book I'd been referencing for years.  It seemed like it just happened "that day", but in fact, it had been happening for a long time...it was just the fine print that made me realize it.  That's when I got the eyes checked.

My symptoms moved pretty fast.  One month I couldn't stay awake on long car rides.  The next month I couldn't stay away for a half hour car ride.  Next thing I knew, I was dozing at my computer.

I believe I read in another thread that your FNA and U/S were in July???  The results should be available by now.  A TSH of 8.4 is most likely indicative of hypo, especially considering your symptoms.  Perhaps you could get in to see your doctor again sooner?  A second opinion might be a really good idea.
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The results are in but my ENT went on holidays for almost all of August so I have to wait until Sept 18th to see him again for FU. I am going to another Dr. Tomorrow and will hopefully get labs redone and find out what my T3 and T4 results were, they were also from the beginning of June. I'm really hoping that she can give me the results of the FNA as well as start me on meds. I would have been on meds already but the ENT said that if the nodules show cancer, I can't go on meds until after surgery. I would assume that I would have heard back a long time ago if it were cancer so there should be no reason to not start the meds. If it is Hashi's then it is a long wait to see Endo. A friend of mine has her appt. In December. The nodule has not grown which is good and I am unable to feel the rest of them. As well I'm hoping my weight doesn't keep rising as I would freak if I went over 190lbs. I have already had to buy new clothes that I'm already on the verge of not fitting into those. Still no luck on finding out what a liquifying adenoma is although someone thinks they read about it somewhere and it has something to do with a solid nodule with liquified fatty pockets. I remember watching the ultrasound and seeing a nodule with what looked like two small pockets of black areas within it. So maybe that's what it is. If you find anything could you please let me know.
I hear a lot of people saying that they have lost there period. Is it normal for hypo to have it more often like in my case? As well someone also said in their post that the TSH level doesn't matter. Is that the case? Because the lab is supposed to test T3 & T4 if TSH goes above 5.0 but they didn't do one until I asked for it when I got my results.
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I asked one of our members who is good with imaging:

"I've never heard of a "liquefying" adenoma before and couldn't get anything on it online.

His reply:

"This is probablay "newly invented" term for cystic degeneration of the nodule (but is very hard to differentiate adenomatic nodule from carcinoma!)"

Perhaps you can google somrething in his reply and get more information.

When thyroid if off, it can throw reproductive hormones off and cause cycle disturbances.  Missing periods is probably more common with hypo, but I've heard women report both missed and non-stop periods while hypo.

Many of us (myself included) find TSH a very poor diagnostic of thyroid dysfunction and an even worse tool in managing thyroid replacement therapy.  In theory, when FT3 and FT4 are low, TSH should reflect that perfectly and vice versa.  In the real world, since TSH is a pituitary hormone, it can be influenced by so many factors other than thyroid hormone levels that it becomes virtually useless in treating the disease.  Furhtermore, TSH is very volatile and changes significantly just with the time of day the blood is drawn.  So, without FT3 and FT4 to corrorborate TSH, it's not worth much.  

The currently recommended reference range for TSH according to AACE is 0.3-3.0.  So, if the lab only tests FT3 and FT4 (and my bet is they'd only test FT4 anyway) if TSH is over 5.0, they're missing a lot of hypo people.  Keep in mind that FT4 often has to be midrange and FT3 upper half to upper third of range before symptoms are relieved.  So, just being in the bottom of the range is not good enough.

I hope you had good luck with your new doctor today.  Let me know how it went.  

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Dr.  Was unable to do anything because for some reason my specialist clinic never sent the results so I ahve to wait until next week to find anything out with the results. My FT3 and FT4 were all within the normal ranges at the beginning of June when they did the blood tests. My TSH was 8.42 to be exact. Normal range I thought was 0.5 - 4.5 but here they are 0.5-5.0. Maybe Canada allows for a larger range. If I were in the states I would have been diagnosed as hypo many years ago as I was sitting between 4.5-4.85 for quite a few years. I will go for more labs next week.
It almost seems like some of my lab results aren't corresponding with my symptoms from I've been reading throughout these forums.  
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Do you have or can you get your actual FT3 and FT4 results and reference ranges?  As I mentioned above, "normal" often isn't "normal".  For a number of reasons, ranges are severely flawed.  So, FT4 often must be at least midrange and FT3 upper half to third of range before hypo symptoms are relieved.  If you're sitting in the bottom of the range(s), and with a TSH of 8.42, you're hypo.

Normal range for TSH is 0.3-3.0 according to latest AACE recommendations, and many of us realize that even that is too high.      
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