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Hey guys. It has been awhile since I have been on here. My levels have been normal. The question is. When the Hashimotos strikes. How does one deal with the panic attacks? Everyday, same day, they strike, I have a sore throat. I feel like I have been hit buy a bus. I am tired. Swelled joints. I get my levels checked again in June. I know that I am under stress. I take a multivitamin. I exercise 7 days a week. I am not working. I have some other issues as well. I have a bad knee, I have tarsal tunnel in one foot. Also, I have carpel tunnel. Has anyone been able to get short term disability from these things? I am seeing my counselor. She may put me on a different anti depressant for when the thyroid flares up. I just  feel ill all of the time. I know it is a constant battle. Any advice? Thanks guys.
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Please post the most recent thyroid labs you have with reference ranges (they vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report).

It sounds like your levels are not adjusted properly and you need a meds adjustment.  What do you take for thyroid meds?

If you're feeling this bad, you should contact your doctor and ask to have labs and see him before June.  That's way too much time to waste feeling bad.  

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Thanks for that comment. I agree. I do feel like I need an adjustment. I am stressed out. I am not loosing any hair. But the panic attacks are ridiculous. I have dull moments. Feel hazy. Walk into stuff. You know brain fog moments. I try and laugh it out. But find myself sleeping a lot. I am forcing myself with my new puppy. Trying to get back into things I like. But when levels act up, I feel like I am dying . The last T3 levels she took were around 1.02. That was last year. I know that the panic attacks come from the thyroid flare ups. I will ask her about the t4 levels too. She usually runs  a t3 and cbc. Tells me stuff about my potassium. Which I know I am low on anyway. Thanks for the help.
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I take generic synthroid. Levothyroxine. I have been on the same dose now for 4 years. My levels go up and down all day every day.
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See, moments. I should say .50 as well.
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Don't just continue to feel bad.  Call your doctor and ask for blood work and to see her promptly.  If your meds aren't doing the job, your flare ups will be much worse.  Be sure that she tests FREE T3 and FREE T4 as well as TSH.  
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