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OH  this is going to really give a few of you a laugh.

Most of you know how I preach about eating right - and all the "good stuff" we should do for ourselves as troubled thyroid humans.........

Well............... I'm typ'n away sitting on my fat a** -  shoven a bowl of peanut M and M's in my mouth!


Tomorrow -  I will be on the board B!tch'n about my "junk in my trunk" that I still have to lose...........  

Just humans - can't ask for more than that.. right?

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:) don't sweat it....I absolutely loveeee M&M peanuts too.

The other day I went to the bakery to get cookies for my mom and the cupcakes were winking at me.  But nooo couldn't just buy 1 or 2, I bought 8. And after my husband and I ate them, I was on the Weight Loss and Dieting forum and also the Healthy Cooking forum.

Human - yes
Perfect - no (and I like it that way - would be boring otherwise)

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Save me the green ones!!! : )
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Comfort food my dear, is what it is called...then you WILL do some exercise...WON'T you!!!
     I ate 10 garlic prawns today....mmmmmmmm-mmmmmmm...yummm-yummy...they were my comfort food for this week.
  We are allowed a treat every now and then. Just we should not make a habit of it.
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Ok..confession time lol.
Went for bloods today and seems the arms have too much scar tissue so the last 3 lots of labs, the Vampire took it out of the top of my hand.
No pain, no 'draining' sensation so me being a 'smarty' and real self confident had it taken out of my hand again today and wham !!!
I was light headed, thought I was gonna faint (but didnt) and felt real [email protected]
So got back to work and the Deputy Director of Nursing was having a send off as her last day at work.
Cream cakes with FRESH cream!
So being the lady I am (pffttt lol) I took a slice of cream sponge iced cake and it was yumm.........give that sugar 'hit' I needed after bloods taken.
NOW.....here comes the worst part  (feeling guilty now).
I went back to the staff room later and got a 2nd piece of cake !
Now whos being a piggy lol.

Funny thing is......(and I cant figure this one out)......
My TSH showed 4.3 today and I have lost weight ????
Go figure that one out lol !

I think the stress of the fires here and going back to work fulltime has made my TSH go up and lose 2 kgs without even trying.
Doc was 100% sure i was hyper but I told him...No Way!
I was right.

Stella....save the red ones for me (hehehehe) :)
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peanuts are good for you. LOL I am eating heath bars like crazy lately lol.

Hey do you know what eating the green ones mean???

Love Venora
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Well I have a stash of peanut m & m 's right here at my desk! LOL LOL
I like the blue ones!!!
Just remember to do your virtual aerobics! hehe
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Love, love, LOVE  peanut M&M's!  A regular size bag is just not enough- gotta have the jumbo bag.

Yesterday it was Krispy Kreme....yum!

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Well I ate, cheese puffs today and a bottle og coke!! And Im trying to be 'good'. aint working! Now I have mind for peanut M&M's. . . . . . . Thanks LOL....... I guess Il have to get out of my bed and drive down the village to get some now!#

TIP: Next time at the cinema, mix the peanut M&M's with the pop-corn.......Mmmmmmm... :) Works good with maltesers to LOL.....
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......oh no!!!.....this colour choice could be the ruin of me yet!! ....do tell!!!
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Well, I've been quietly sitting here waiting to go hypo.  Over-analysing any vague little symptom.
Got on the scale this AM and I've gained a pound.  Oh no!  It is probably from the 1/2 a roll of cookie dough I ate yesterday.

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Eating the green ones means you are horny. At least thats what we said in high school. LOL I didnt eve3n know what horny was then hahaha
Love Venora
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Candy mmmm, candy stella I just ate a salad, thanks for sharing
479581 tn?1317757488
do you sort them by color then eat one color group at a time???.....or......eat them all mixed up???
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Peanuts are MUFA's and are good for you. If they were wrapped in dark chocolate they would still be good for you! Alas, they are wrapped in milk chocolate which just makes them GREAT!!!!

Ok.. I'll confess too.... Tried to have blood drawn 2 weeks ago and nurse couldn't "get in"... So.. had to wait for a few  days trying to let the sugar levels in my body go down since I'd had a milk chocolate attack with a coca cola side chaser!

Can't wait to see my bloodwork results! HA
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Thanks for sharing on this thread. At least I know I am entitled to a weakness once in a while too.

I try so hard to be so strict on everything I do - but at times I mouth full of M&M's is soooo comforting.
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So you were talking about your mmmy's lol as I call them, Well, I am very hormonal right now. I will put it politely lol. I went and got myself a bag to. I am going to probably pound them all befrore the hubby even gets a look at them. lOL
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It's posts like that that really make me laugh. And that is so HEALTHY to do!

Laughter really is the best medicine :)
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After reading this post the last night, I got myself and bag too... and ate them with a cup o tea!!!! lovely!!!!!!! soooo feeling guilty I went for a few lenghts of the pool today!!! now Im craving another bag!!! Oh the joys :(:(

"A minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips"     or so they say LOL....
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Did ya eat the green ones??? Hmmm!! I alwasy eat the green ones lol!
519035 tn?1348275773
So I told you I was going to eat them all right, well, the hubby came home as I was trying to scarf them down. LOL Anyways, he caught the 1/2 eaten bag and ate the rest and then laughed at me. Jerk, lol
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This is so good for all of us. Thank you to all of you for making me laugh!
676032 tn?1315674063
The green ones make you horny??? ... The bag I bought must have been faulty so, maybe I should write a letter of complaint LOL......
739091 tn?1300666027

Maybe you have to consume two bags to get the "horny" effect!

I'm adding these to my grocery list! lol
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Ya like the thyroid tabs, takes time to enter your system LOL.......
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