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I am getting nowhere

Two months ago I had a major heart palpitation that put me down for around 20 minutes and since I have had a terrible feeling in my chest everyday that does not go away and gets worse when I lie down. It is a bad feeling that is just hard to explain. My TSH was tested and came back low and that is always the result but my GP will not do anything to help me. He just wanted to put me on HRT instead of listening he assumes I have menopause and didn't even test for it. I have swallowing problems and lost alot of weight now because of not being able to swallow. My main concern though is the bad feeling in the chest. Can anyone help?
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Get another doctor.  This one is not helping you and doesn't sound like he is even trying.  If your TSH is low, you could be experiencing symptoms of hyperthyroidism.  Can you post the TSH result here and maybe we can get an idea of where you stand.
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Get to an endocrinologist as fast as possible.  If your levels are really low (like below 0.1) and keep having chest pains, palpitations, and you get a fever get to the hospital and tell them you may be in "thyroid storm"
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You might want to get checked for a condition called Pericarditis. Under treated and/or severe thyroid disease can cause it. Usually it shows up as Pericarditis with a Pericardial Effusion.

The symptoms are chest pain, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. You feel better leaning forward and worse lying down. The pain is usually sharp pain but can sometimes present as other types of pain. You can also have swallowing problems with it. The sharp pain can radiate into your scapula, collar bone, neck, jaw, and shoulders.
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Hi again, my TSH was 0.50 when last checked and the last GP said I am normally low in TSH but did nothing and now this doctor is doing nothing. I have alot of symptoms like: Palpitations(feels like heart skips a beat twice, then comes back strong but not fast), always cold, hot flushes, irritable, slow, weak pulse, back pain, high cholesterol( which doctor has not prescribed me anything for just because I am only 35), low blood pressure, headaches, forgetfullness, loss of concentration, and whatever this bad feeling in chest is that I just can't get rid of. I am getting quite worried that I could have hypothyroidism and it has gone untreated and misdiagnosed for too long. I also get a feeling of something is stuck in my throat all the time and I am constantly trying to clear it and nothing helps. I am worried about my health and 10,000 miles away from home and hoping to make it back some day to see my family, but if these doctors over here won't help me I might not ever make it back. I also told this doctor I have a family history of heart attacks and I am quite worried about the heart because my father has had two heart attacks and I had a grandfather and uncles die from them, and still this doctor will not even refer me to a cardiologist after having the palpitations. What does everyone think and what do you all think I should do?? Thank you everyone for your responses and help on this matter. I have gotten more feedback from everyone in here than I have the two doctors over here.
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I also have low T4 and low T3 plus dry scalp and dry skin and no periods for the last three months plus I had many bleeding problems before the no periods started.
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Where do you live?  Can you go to an emergency hospital?  Tell them your symptoms and the treatment you have been getting from you doctors.  Ask them for a referral to a good doctor.  They will probably do labs, ecg, and other tests and give you appropriate care until you can get to another doctor.  Don't give up.  Be aggressive and keep trying to get to a doctor that will help you.  How frustrating it must be not to have someone listen to you.  It makes me very angry!  I feel for you.  Please just go to the hospital or urgent care facility.  You might get some answers.  Hang in there and good luck.  Stay in touch and let us know what you decide.  God Bless.
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