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I am helping people!

I am so happy I posted on a local board here and I had someone.say Thank you they have been on antidepressants for 10 years and never felt any better and is going to see if hypo is the cause.  I am feel so good I am able to share what I have learned and help someone else.  Thank you for all the help you all have given me.
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Congratulations.  I responded to your other post and am so happy that you are doing well.  It's a good feeling to share our experiences and hope that maybe someone can get some good from them.  
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me too...
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Now if I could only get my own family listen to me...They all think I am crazy

My brother went he believes he has a problem and let them push him into only TSH !!!!  I told him I gave him a list and explained why it's important gave him all the links.  My Grandma has been treating with T4 only for 40 years and has never felt better.  My Mom needs to see if she has a problem but has no insurance and does not like to believe in medical problems so she will suffer forever also.  My mother in law who has been on T4 only for 10+ years.  Makes me sad.  But I am happy I can help the ones that want to be helped.
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There are always going to be those that don't want to listen and for them, there is little to be done.  My theory on that is: "if you truly want to feel well, you will seek the help you need and if you refuse to seek appropriate help, you don't feel as badly as you think".

My sister, who's also on synthyroid, has a daughter who is an NP -- and a good one, I'm sure, except when it comes to thyroid.  My sister is being treated by TSH & FT4 (mostly TSH) only and has suffered through periods of drug induced hyper, along with periods of hypO - bouncing back and forth and her main comments are: "At least I lost the weight" and "I feel SO much better than I did, that I'm just not going to complain about it".   You can't help someone like that.  

Me, on the other hand --- I felt so rotten for so long; now I feel like I'm entitled to be feel the very best I can and I won't stop trying until I do.  
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Exactly I agree I have wasted way to much time feeling bad refuse to do it anymore
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