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I drink vodka walnut remedy to get my underactive thyroid recover.

Its a long story, i had hyperthyroid when i was in primary school, and i had med for few years and totally recovered. I didn't keep tracking my thyroid, but my most conditions in normal days are: cold,anxious, tired,bloating,bad memory etc.
When i was 28, i was under a lot of stress and one day my neck is swollen, i check with doctor and he said i m having hypothyroid so i started to take levothyroxine for 2 years.
This year coz i moved to new city, i have some concern over the water quality so i drink the bottle water all the time, and my thyroid level start to fluctuate, doctor told me to cut down on my med. And upand downs i didn't realized Maybe its the fluorine in the water that suppress my Function... After up and downs..i saw a remedy on the Internet... I m skeptic but i still give a try. Its a bottle of vodka with the 30-40 walnut membranes. Soaks for 21 days, and take one tbsp every meal.  I m doing this for 2 months now. My mental reaction, health condition all feeling very gd and i quit my med already. I will continue until its totally stable! I Hope more ppl will know this remedy to help, as hypothyroid brings a lot of pain to our life. Hope everyone get well soon :)
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Hi is it okay to drink this while taking medication?or I stop the medicine then just drink the vodka/walnut's
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Maybe my thyroid got recovered since i eliminate fluoride in water?? The walnut thing is just bonus and supplementary?
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Something worked for you.  Fluoride is known to have a detrimental effect on the thyroid, as well as other parts of the body, if levels are too high.

It's possible that perhaps your hypothyroidism was only temporary and corrected on its own.  Or maybe you're in the early stages of Hashimoto's, which can often swing from hypo to hyper or normal without warning.  If you have Hashimoto's, the chances are very great that you'll need to go back on medication at some point because the only thing that can replace hormones your thyroid can't make is medication.

I haven't done a lot of research on this issue (walnuts) so I'm not sure if the membrane has more selenium than the rest of the nut.  It's possible you could get the same benefit from simply eating a few walnuts or a couple of Brazil nuts each day.
Thank you very much! I should keep an eye on my thyroid! Now i Don't just believe in the remedy  :s
Yes, you should keep an eye on your thyroid/symptoms by checking Free T4, Free T3 and TSH periodically or if symptoms return.

Remedies we come across on the internet, often, sound wonderful, but we need to make sure that the things we're trying have adequate research to back them up.  I'm a believer in trying new things that might help me feel better, but I always do plenty of research to make sure the remedy is safe and that it really works.
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Just try it, its just a natural remedy, it works for me. :)  I think it works more than selenium!!  U know what, the shape of the walnut membrane looks alike  the shape of the thyroid. If u know what i meant.
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Almost any nut that's split in half, with the halves lying next to each other could resemble a thyroid.
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I would like to know the theory and the "science" behind how vodka and walnut membranes can help this condition.
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I would guess it has something to do with selenium in nuts, but that is just a wild guess.

Apparently walnuts can make it harder to absorb Synthroid.  Some thyroid medication specifically advises not to consume walnuts for four hours after taking Synthroid.

I too, would love to know if there is any scientific basis to this.  Some people swear Brazil nuts, with high levels of selenium, can stop their Hashimoto's.  I just did a quick PubMed search, and found a review talking about selenium deficiencies and the role they can play in hypothyroidism, but that is not the same as saying "selenium reverses Hashimoto's".

There might actually be something here, especially if a thyroid hormone deficiency is caused by a selenium deficiency, I just don't think there is enough research done on this yet to say one way or the other.  Is soaking the walnuts in vodka better than just eating a walnut?  I don't know.  Maybe walnuts are not that well digested and the selenium (or whatever?) is more readily absorbed when it is in vodka.

If this actually worked for this person, then that is great.  But if you are someone suffering from Hashimoto's, I'd talk to your doctor first about adjusting your regular thyroid medication and/or trying to supplement with selenium (or walnut membranes soaked in vodka).

And... I'm not sure if walnut membranes are actually high in selenium - I'm not entirely sure what a walnut membrane is.
Selenium has been shown to help lower antibody counts (TPOab) in Hashimoto's but it's  not a "cure".   It's also used in the conversion of Free T4 to Free T3 so if one is deficient in selenium, it can be beneficial, however, if one is not deficient, it's not going to help.  In fact, selenium can be toxic if too much is consumed.  

I did a quick search for the vodka/walnut membrane combo - from what I can see, it originated in Russia, where they drink a lot of vodka.   Someone told my dad one time that soaking raisins in vodka would make him feel better, so he tried it.  The idea was to soak the raisins for a given amount of time, then eat a few raisins ever day.  The raisins didn't seem to do anything, but he did enjoy the vodka they were soaked in - said it helped him sleep at night - but then doesn't alcohol help most of sleep at night?  LOL  

It is, supposedly, true that walnuts membranes are a rich source of selenium.  The membranes are the portion of the walnut between the outer shell and the "meat" (the portion we eat).  When shelling walnuts, the outer shell and the membrane are discarded.  To use the vodka/walnut membrane concoction, one takes a tablespoon before meals - consuming only the vodka, not the walnut membrane.

As for "science" behind the concoction, I don't really believe there is any and would certainly advise everyone not to go off medications in hopes of this being a cure.  
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If your hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's, there is no "natural" remedy, since Hashimoto's eventually destroys the thyroid.  If you have Hashimoto's, you will eventually require daily medication.
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