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I feel like losing weight will be impossible.

I have been trying to sort out the various information sources about weight loss with treated hypothyroid.  I know I'm one of many whose doctor has always insisted that any problems I have losing weight are not related to my thyroid.  (I'm sure she thinks I'm secretly eating cheeseburgers and not exercising.)

I've been on 75mcg synthroid for 3.5 years and in that time have gained maybe 15 pounds (despite being quite active and eating a healthy diet).  Before I got on medication, I'm sure I'd been sick for at least two years and gained quite a bit of weight during that time.  All told, I am sixty pounds heavier than before I became hypothyroid.  I was never skinny, but I tended toward the high side of normal weight.

I want desperately to lose weight.  Carrying this weight around is so hard on my body, and I don't feel healthy.  I can't get my weight to budge.  Always before if I gained ten pounds or so, I could put more effort into exercising and take the weight off over a couple of months.

I keep reading stories about other people who exercise hard and eat low-calorie diets and never lose weight.  I've read that most people don't lose more weight with increased dose of Synthroid, or with Armour.  This has been my hope, that if I could get the doctor to change my medication, it would make a difference in my weight loss!  Is that really unlikely?

I have switched doctors and have my first appointment with the new doctor tomorrow.  I plan to explain that I'm very active, that a resting metabolic rate test has showed my metabolism is slow, that this weight is not normal for me (I think the old doctor didn't believe I'd ever been thinner), that I have heard medicating to a lower TSH can be healthier--I'll ask her about Armour.  Does anyone have suggestions of anything else I can say or ask about?

Can anyone offer hope?  Is a low-carb diet really where it's at?  I've wondered if I might have insulin resistance, but my blood sugar levels are always very good.
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As many people on this site will attest, TSH results alone are not nearly enough to make important decisions about treatment.  Especially when you are already taking synthroid.  You said that your T4 was in the normal range.  What was the actual number?  Was it just barely in the low end of the range?  Do you have other symptoms beside your concern about weight?  What does  your Basal Body Temperature show?  Putting all this information together and reviewing with your doctor should result in better treatment regimen.  If not, I'd look for another doctor.  
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OK, well, the new doc was not at all interested in pursuing increased Synthroid or Armour (she'd been to an endo seminar about it the day before, grr...)... but she did listen to my symptoms and make some suggestions for other things that might be wrong, and ordered a slew of blood tests, including checking TSH and T4.  

My TSH was 1.8 and I don't think she'll be willing to experiment with taking it lower.  T4 in "normal" range also.  But I DID discover that I have moderately severe anemia, which she suspected.  Still waiting on Vitamin B12 results.  So far other tests have been normal.

She also recommended a 900-1200 calorie diet for weight loss.  I'm going to try something similar to what you suggest, Verona, and maybe South Beach or Zone if I find it hard to stick to.  I don't care much for the "science" presented in Zone, but I do think it's a viable low-calorie diet.

Thanks for the support!
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Oh I am on Armour and have been for almost a year.

I think Verona is on Armour now too.... can't remember.
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I agree with Verona and also urge you to consider a diet (life plan change) as the Zone diet or SOuth Beach

Both these diets control insulin and are very helpful with weight in hypothyroid patients.

I found the Zone plan to be better.

I have taken off about 7 to 10 pounds - I still bloat at times - but I do feel better.

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Look you can loose weight once you get your meds tweaked just right and keep them tweaked on a regular basis.If your doc wont work with you,fire them and get one that will

6 small meals a day with lots of fruits,veggies,whole grains, and 3 oz of protein per meal
NO SUGAR and NO Sodas diet or regular I have cut these out for about 4 weeks and I have went from 198 to 184.following this I am no longer bloated and the weight is coming off. Its a lifestlye change and its not easy but it can be done.
I am throidless and bi polar .My bi polar meds are notorious for weight gain.
It will be 2 years since my thyca on the 25th and I just now feel better than I have felt in 2 years.
Do stick to your plan with your new doc and tell all you have told here
Let us know how it goes with the new doc.
Love Venora
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