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I have Lab Results does anyone understand them?

I am totally new here.  I'm Canadian.  For the first time ever I actually have actual Lab results to share.  Usually our healthcare providers do not share this info with us.  They will tell us what is wrong, prescribe meds but we never get actual results or see them. I was at my wits end with my health so at my own expense I recently hired a Naturopath and asked her to run a bunch of tests so we could get to the bottom of what was wrong with me.  I knew my meds were not working.  Well, we did not get off to a very good start.  They did my bloodwork Jan 23rd.  I have been getting sicker and sicker and trying to be patient, 2wks went by and I phoned and they said they had nothing and that I should be patient and they would call me.  Then 4wks went by and I still hadn't heard anything so I sent an email.  Course, my new Dr is away on holidays now.  But my email prompted her office to look for my results and they found that they were indeed there and had been since Feb 4.   I have all over muscle cramping so bad I can barely get dressed and its so painful.  So I was not a very happy camper.  Anyways the test results were then emailed to my Dr and then to me.  They were quite apologetic.  

Here they are:    TSH 66.00         Free T3  1.50     FreeT4  <0.4       RT3 <9.0

Can anyone tell me what this means?  I don't see new DR until Mar 2.  She did phone me and said you need need to see a medical DR right away and get on a Combo T3/T4 Med.  In my brain fog I did not instruct the clinic properly.  I went to a walk in clinic and show them my test results and they say, why don't we give you some Synthroid.  And I said No.  I have been on that and Eltroxin and on NaturThroid and nothing works I want Cytomel isn't that a T3/T4 med? and they say yup and prescribe it to me.  So I have this prescription filled and get home and I look it up and find out its only a T3 medication.  But I'm thinking well, I've never done this one before ...so maybe it'll work.  .25 mcg 2 times a day - I guess we will fix everything up when my Dr gets back but in the interim can anyone tell me how to read these test results?  Do you think T3 alone can do something or do I need to add T4?   Thanx so much!  Connie        
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Did they give you the ranges on your FT3, FT4 and RT3?  These are specific to your lab and have to come from your lab report.
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Yes - it said my TSH range should be 0.4 to 2.50    Mine 66.00
                   my Free T3 1.8 to 4.20                                1.50
                   my Free T4 0.9 to 1.80 and                          <0.4
                   my RT3 9.0 to 35.0                                      <9.0

What do you think?  Connie
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The high TSH and low Free's say that you are extremely Hypothyroid
You are not supposed to be on T3 medicine only
The T4 medicine didn't work for you because you were undertreated
This is a process that can take years to reach the exact dose you need
And you will not feel well untill you reach that dose exactly
That means 50mcg/week more or less and you remain symptomatic
You might also want to ask for anti TGab and anti TPOab to see if the cause is hashimoto

feel well,
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You are less than two weeks away from seeing your doctor.

You are very hypothryoid.  No wonder you're feeling so bad.

The dose of 25 mcg of T4 only med / day is ok to start with and you need to be taking it straight away.  Your doctor can adjust meds / prescribe a different combo when she sees you.

Hang in there, it can take some time to get to feeling better but at least you will be on the way now.
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I think Conitchewa was saying that she's on .25 mcg of t3 (Cytomel) twice a day now and no t4 (Synthroid). ( Is that correct, Coni.?)

I would think that she she should be on both meds, Synthroid with the addition of Cytomel twice per day. Looking at her labs, both levels are extremly low and that TSH is way to high. NO wonder she hurts all over! Maybe she didn't do well before on Synthroid alone due to being under dosed? Maybe Synthroid alone at a higher dose would do the trick and get that t3 and t4 higher in their ranges?  If not, I would add the cytomel to it, but I would not take the cytomel t3 alone without t4. (my daughters doctor thought about giving her a try with this "Wilson's Temp. Syndrome." approach, (time released t3) and I said no.) I think the body is suppose to utilize that deodinization process, so we shouldn't side step it- it's there for a reason! However, if we need to assist the body with the conversion process, then by all means, adding a little t3 to the t4 can help get that t3 level up if the body cannot do it with t4 alone. Of course, she will need to discuss these options with her doctor!
What is everyone elses thoughts on this?
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I agree with you magpieannie !
She might not need T3 at all !
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