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I have thyroid disease, and I feel GREAT!

Just wanted to share an update on my thyroid/adrenal treatment. All this week, I've laid down for my daily nap, and I COULD NOT sleep. I wake up happy and energetic. I sleep through the night. I feel like a healthy 'normal' person, with the exception of some mild fatigue from 2-4 in the afternoon, but NOTHING like before.

BTW - I have Hashimoto's auto-immune thyroid disease. 90 percent of hypothyroid patients in developed countries have Hashi. Most of my thyroid was already eaten and I'd been rendered hypothyroid by the time my clueless doctors figured me out (with a lot of assistance from MH, Google and me).

I've had to make some major alterations to my daily life. Some of my dietary habits would be considered extreme, but in my case, necessary.

I have A LOT of documentation on gluten and its connection to the thyroid, and many of you are sick of hearing about it. I will just say that since giving up gluten four months ago, my antibody attacks have stopped, and I have had to reduce my intake of thyroid hormone.

I no longer eat gluten, processed and fried foods, 99 percent of soy, no corn and dairy (with the exception of butter). I also gave up coffee as it is hard on the adrenal glands.

I have learned to find replacements for the things I love, such as rice and almond milk, Enjoy life chocolate bars and many, many gluten free and allergen free bread mixes, cakes etc. I drink hot lemon water with Stevia - NO SPLENDA or artificial sugar.

I take many vitamins, including Magnesium, B12, D, Selenium, C, A, E, and a good fish oil. I also take a supplement called Clearvite given to me by my holistic doctor. I take X-FLM, specially formulated for the TH1 dominant Hashi patient. Do you know if you are TH1 or TH2 dominant? I also take neurotransmitter support because my urine test revealed many of my neurotransmitters were out of whack. Finally, I  apply adrenal creams to combat my low cortisol in the morning and high at night.

Usually, Hashimoto's is just the icing on the cake and we thyroid patients have many deeper issues, especially within the gut. 70 percen tof the body's immunity comes from the gut. I have gotten to the root of the cause, and I'm happy and healthy again. You may read my journal for more on my treatment.

:) Tamra
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BTW - If anyone has any questions about my treatment, feel free to message me. I'm not always on the forum. :) Tamra
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Hey Tamra....your diet sounds so very much like mine...but I feel lousy...waaaah! I think it really is an individual body thing. I do agree that many people do need to change what they eat and be more aware of how foods do react in the body.  I do know, also, that had I not changed my diet a few years ago I would certainly be dragging my butt through the door! I feel pretty good most times, at least I no longer have that brain fog that Hashi's is famous for! I put it down to really making a concerted effort in not having gluten, dairy, etc.
  Just wish the infernal tiredness would run away, but I think that is due to other issues, not my diet.
  Hope you get some people taking note and change the way they live for the better!
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Good to hear yr doing so well.....I can only stipulate to many others that the secret to wellness is researching as much as you can on yr condition and taking each day as it comes.
This you have done well in the past few months.

I found too that by changing my diet after RAI...that I needed LESS thyroid meds.
It does make a huge difference.
Its good to hear of the success stories.
Well done!
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I'm sorry you are not doing as well, but I'm glad you have some improvement. Have you had your adrenals and neurotransmitters tested and treated?

Are you on T3 and T4 thyroid meds?

McMillianNelson has Graves and he has seen remarkable improvements by following the blood type A diet. Other people have reported improvements by following diets for their blood type.I think Mac has a few good links on that.

:) Tamra
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Could you tell me more about the adrenal cream you are using.

I have an untreated adrenal problem and I can't find a doctor that will treat me.  

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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What lingering symptoms did you still feel on just thyroid replacement that went away on your self- tuned diet?

It is interesting how we are all different as far as what our body can tolerate diet wise.  Dairy milk, even the lactose free type does not agree with me very well for some reason, but yogurt is ok.  Almond milk doesn't cost much more these days.

I do know someone that is gluten intolerant (had lots of probs with it), she went hypo thyroid from gluten, but did not have Hashimoto. Quit gluten, thyroid got better (no meds) lost wieght, brain fog gone ect. It was pretty straight forward.

I did have digestive issues with certain types of food in the past on T4 only meds. Added T3, then things got better.  I added foods back one at a time as a test,  cow milk, sweets, greasy foods, and pork (besides dessicated) are on the 'no' list for me.
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so very very happy for you that you are feeling well   you are an inspiration to me.  btw  how much magnesium do you take a day?
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I buy GF magnesium at Walmart. Take between 200- 250 mg 3 times daily for a total of three pills a day. Wait four hours after taking thyroid meds before taking vitamins, as those can interfere wtih absorption. :) T.
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Interesting you should ask. I was feeling soooo much better in February when my thyroid pills were at 150 Synthroid and 10 Cytomel.  My FT4 was a 1.5 and my FT3 was around 400. Much of the leg cramping was gone. I could go to more than one place during the day instead of just being wiped out after a grocery store visit. My foot cramping was gone. I could survive about four hours to our local theme park, Sea World. However, I still felt I had room to improve in the following areas:

1. Stomach cramping and bloating
2. Fatigue throughout the day and dependency on the mid-day nap
3. Brain just didn't function right. Most of the brainfog was gone, but I just felt like I wasn't thinking with enough focus.
4. I was easily irritated and snapped at my kid (and this started way before my FT3 was at 400, even during the hypo days). I would get easily offended by little comments. I was a maniac at the wheel, always in a rush to go nowhere. I was just high strung, impatient and easily irritated.
5. Hard time doing Yoga, as I just couldn't get my legs to stop wobbling.
6. Weak, especially when it came to opening lids or picking up bags of dog food.
7. Knee joint pain
8. Still constipated despite magnesium and high FT3.
9. Hard time getting up in the morning and then I'd get hot flashes and have difficulty sleeping at night. (This was my adrenals)

I think many of us Hashi patients can relate to the metaphor of the slow cooked lobster. For so many years, we've been sinking into further and further malaise and low health, that we just don't know what it is to feel healthy and happy.

I know now that not all of this is thyroid related. That I've got other hormones that need work. Many of my neurotransmitters such as serotonin are way off the mark. I'm taking herbals to stimulate all of those areas and I'm feeling MUCH better.

I also know that my approach to wellness is not for everyone. I sure hope, though, that other thyroid patients at least give it a try and make sure you get tested and treated for TH1 or 2 dominance, so that you know the foods that stimulate a thyroid attack, get the adrenals tested and treated, eat as healthy as you can, and get your FT3 levels tested and treated if necessary.

I still have room for improvement. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to the corn-based filler in Cytomel. Every time I take my PM pill, I get bloating and a gassy stomach. I'm going to look into switching to a dessicated hormone at my next endo visit.

:) Tamra
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I forgot #10. My big fat goiter is gone. The swelling went away after I quit gluten. :) T.
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Try Psyllium for the bowles. It is a very fine powder and a teaspoon a day in fluids will fix the bowel problem.
It is a psyllium husk and it is used widely in Hypothyroid patients in Aged Care.
Doesnt cause loose bowels but gets the intestines to contract and hence bowel movement.
May be of some help to you and a 2kg bag is only AU$18 here in health food shops.
You can buy a 500gram bag for $9 just to try it if you want.

It is important to take laxatives such as psyllium with sufficient amounts of water or liquid in order to reduce the risk of bowel obstruction. Doses ranging from 2.2 to 45 grams by mouth daily in divided doses, often administered just prior to meals, have been used in studies.

Due to potential reductions in blood sugar levels caused by psyllium, blood glucose levels in diabetic patients should be closely monitored.
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The constipation was part of my 'before' problems. I still get mild constipation, though, and I take something my MD gave me, Lactulose. I would like to get off of it for good. I will try the psyllium. Thanks!

:) Tamra
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is that Psyllium whole husk powder or what kind is it  i see it at amazon and i want to try it.  this is weird but the higher my ft3 and ft4 goes the more constipated i get.  bringing it all down now but still having problems. thanks for the tip but not sure what kind to order....
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Smilerdeb is the one who recommended the psyllium husk. If she doesn't answer the question, I'll let her know that we want to know the type of husk we need.

:) Tamra
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Is Clearvite available in Australia? I use it in the US and am moving to Sydney in a couple days - if it's not available I'll have to ship it from the US.
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I think you an order it from anywhere if you go to the Apex website. Birdnest, I know you have been using it, but I don't recommending anyone else using it, or any cleanse, without first consulting with a doctor. :) Tamra
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Hi Tamara, I have been watching your progress for a long time and I have gotten some great tips form you along the way! I too have gone gluten free and this has been an important factor in my treatment. I had many problems with gluten that disappeared when I cut it form my diet. You, Like me have proven that change in diet and common sense in treating the underlying CAUSES of the problems are critical if you want to heal.

I have Toxic Multinodular Goiter (Plummer’s Disease) but when I first joined the forum my lab work from my family doctor showed that TgAb tested above normal for me, indicating possible Graves Disease.  When I was tested again by my endo 3 months later,  that test indicated that my TgAb was in the normal range. I do not know how that is possible but I am sure you are remembering those conversations when I was new here.

Plummer’s patients suffer from many of the same symptoms as people with other thyroid diseases, and I can relate to you because you have both Hashi’s and Graves so also hit both ends of the spectrum (HyPO and HyPER)and I am sure that was very unpredictable for you form day to day as it was me with my Plummer’s.

As you mentioned, cutting out GLUTEN, SOY and SPLENDA, all processed foods of any kind and NO MORE fast food were all a critical part of my diet change.  I love Almond milk which I have on my Gluten free cereal on the mornings where don’t have fresh pineapple for breakfast.

I went to a Naturopathic doctor who was very helpful in helping me to make the right choices.  I had my hair analyzed to see if had toxins in my body and to see what my mineral levels were. This test was amazing, it cost $139 and I got a 30 page report about toxins, mineral deficiencies I had and the critical balance that was out of whack between certain minerals. I was very low in Magnesium and Manganese as well as copper and to a lesser extent Calcium, I was vey high in Lead and also had some arsenic in my system.  In many cases these minerals and ratios can not be done with normal blood tests, you need hair or tissue. Adjusting my diet to include more magnesium rich foods and supplementing with Magnesium as advised by my ND made a huge difference in my muscle twitches, heart pain,  heart rhythms, sweating etc. all of those things are gone now.  I take flaxseed oil rather than fish oil, a multiple vitamin, multiple mineral, some other specific supplements and Thyadine (which was critical to restore normal thyroid function) Thyadine is a homeopathic formula that contains a small dose of Iodine (150 mcg per drop) and  natural thyroid and plant extracts. I take 3 drops, 3 times a day.

Changing my diet like you have, and taking a common sense, HANDS ON approach to my treatment has cured my thyroid disease, and I continue to get healthier every day.  My Lab work from May shows all numbers are in normal range, the pains in my thyroid and the goiter, all gone.  And I expect when I get a follow up Ultrasound next month that I will find my nodules have shrunk or are disappearing.

You and I are living proof that changing diet and lifestyle and using some common sense and not just taking the conventional approach can give those that suffer relief.  Everyone is different but one thing that I think is obvious, is that you have nothing to lose by seeing a Natural Doctor and trying some better diet choices.  If you get RAI or you have your Thyroid removed before at least trying a natural approach that is very unfortunate because those people will know if that would have helped them or not.
I have been on the “Blood Type Diet” ( I am Type A) since late February. I have lost 45 pounds and this diet has quite a bit of science behind it. I no longer eat foods that are known to be bad for my blood type and I feel incredible. It is a lifestyle change and I do not miss anything on this “diet” The staple of the type A diet is tofu and soy products so I recommend that thyroid patients substitute that with low calorie cheese like Farmers cheese and stay away from Soy. Soy has been proved to swell the thyroid even in “normal” people.

I thank you for posting your progress, and I think your are doing amazing!  I am so glad to see it !


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The Psyllium husk is a very fine powder but the 'true psyllium " can only be brought in health food shops.
It is what they put in laxative fibre drinks such as Metamusil but better than that as it is in pure form with no fillers.
It looks light brown and is basically so fine that if it was on a spoon and you moved fast...the fine powder would blow away off the spoon.
Yes it is the whole husk and has been grounded down to a very fine powder that is used in Aged Care Facilities now instead of laxatives (Coloxyl etc).

It doesnt cause diarreah (sp) ...it loosens the bowel motions as it is a natural fibre and also help absorb any fats in the intestines.
Its been used here for years in Australia but more popular now in the last two years.

I have clients who put a teaspoon in their coffee in the mornings with no ill effects and no taste.

Hope that answers your question :o)
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I cant be sure but have seen it on the Aussie ebay........maybe you could try there...remembering to put au at the end of it.
All the best :o)
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I also agree with Tamwra....dont use it unless you have consulted your Doctor.
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I'm so glad to see your progress as well.

I don't have Graves, either. LOL! You probably remember my earlier posts when I thought it was Graves because I was going through a terrible hyper stage and losing weight while eating ice cream. I thought I'd invented the new ice cream diet. LOL!

Actually, I did have some nodules that were leaking hormone, making me hyper for up to three weeks at a time. This is common in the early stages of Hashi, which is why some patients and doctors confuse the Hashi patient for a Graves patient. Glad that's over! I'd much rather be hypo than hyper, weight gain and all.

I have seen some people on this forum who've had positive Graves and Hashi antibodies. I couldn't imagine how life could get any worse.

I Googled the Blood Type Diet you referred me to and I'm pretty much eating what I'm supposed to eat. The lifestyle change has been dramatic for me. But, honestly, thyroid disease or not, gluten, soy, processed and fried foods, fake sugars, are not healthy choices for ANY person. My husband feels better when following my lifestyle. When he goes to work and grabs Subway or some fast food for lunch, he feels bloated and miserable. Many people without auto-immune diseases are making the switch for the better.  

:) Tamra
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I have a cold or sinus infection. Lots of pressure around the brow and post nasal drip plus a sore throat and mild body aching. A few months ago, this would have caused me to sleep all day. I am still not needing naps and able to run errands, cook, clean, etc. Bizarre!  :) Tamra
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Dont use Ethydrine nasal spray...use saline nasal spray to flush out the sinus's.
I use this when my sinus's play up.
Could be just the sinus's Tamraw as that can cause a slight temperature.
Or even Demazine to dry them up but I always use the saline nasal spray.

OTC nasal sprays tend to constrict the blood vessels in the nose which isnt good.
You can buy the saline nasal spray at Chemists and it DOES get rid of sinus pain.
You need to just flush them out and at least you can use the saline spary whenever you want instead of the usual 4 times a day with the OTC products.
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Thanks, I have an all natural nasal spray. I just need to remember to use it. LOL! I had acupuncture today. A few years ago, I thought acupuncture was for quacks, but it really helped with the pressure and pain. I can look without squinting now.

Strange that I felt flushed and feverish, but my temp is still a 97.3.

:) T.
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