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I just read in magazine Brittany Spears is pushing high dose of thyroid meds to lose weight!!!!! What is wrong with her?

We all know what that can do to ourselves ...... it can be life threatening!  Well, she is pretty messed up and back in the hosp today I heard.  

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr such stupidity!

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Hopefully she will get the treatment she needs, now.  She is so young and uninformed and needs help and support.  I am so blessed to have my children in good shape.  I hope she recovers, soon.
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You know, a few months ago when my doc upped my dosage I started losing weight and all my friends jokingly said "hey, I want some of that thyroid medicine!"  And I thought to myself at the time "how is it that people don't abuse thyroid meds?"  I would never consider messing with it but I am really shocked that it isn't something big in Hollywood. Or maybe it is and we just don't hear about it. I can't even imagine.....
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On a report this month it talkes about the rotten doctors that are abusing this medication and giving it to people for weight loss. The only real thing that gets me on this - is that Armour is the drug that is being promoted as the abused choice of Rx. Bull!!!! any one of them synthroid or armour is subjected to this. The only thing is Synthroid is the "drug of choice" and the big Rx companies don't want their "good" name run through the mill

Don't get me wrong. MAny people are getting treated great with Synthroid as I am with Armour.

It's just the politics behind the Rx. that gets me and the doctors that are abusing it.

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What's wrong with her????   Oh Cheryl, what's RIGHT with her??

Why would anyone want to mess with their thyroids?  Obviously, *we* don't have a choice.  Yeah, I hope that she can get the help she needs but abusing thyroid meds isn't the answer.
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Why can Brittany Spears get thyroid meds she doesn't need when so many others need it but doctors won't prescribe it?


I guess anything is available if you have money and/or influence.

She obvioulsy doesn't know the consequences of taking it when it is not needed.

Someone really dropped the ball with her. Maybe her parents??
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just thought i'd add, that bodybuilders are very aware that cytomel is used
by some to *cut up*, but the research shows if they do this they generally
end up with a thyroid condition permanently.
there are supplemental products designed to supposedly produce naturally
more T-3, but a few years back one was removed from the market, it was
originating in France, it harmed people big time.  very stupid.  yet, i know
a model who is taking at least 200mcg daily, has no hashimoto's, her doctor
is enabling her, i think possibly because she throws fits if she doesn't get what
she wants, causes issues and writes the physician's boards, etc.  she is nuts.
she looks like a piece of wire, her face sunken.  unbelievable.
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