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I need help with endocrine issues

Hello, I need help with endocrine issues. I had an endocrinologist cancel my appointment and tell me they are not taking new patients with my condition. I was sent to a second endocrinologist that told me my issue is because of Flonase, I gained weight and that my pituitary tumor is only 3 mm and that it’s small and they would bet me it would go away in a year. I explained to the Dr that I only use Flonase during allergy season and we were still 3 -4 weeks away from that. She also refused to listen to me when I told her all my issues happened when I was working out, losing body fat and gaining muscle overall dropping 25-30 pounds.

Fast forward a couple weeks and labs are good except for the following.

Low Cortisol
Low Testosterone
Low T3
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Hello... what other tests were done and could you please post actual results, with reference ranges, of the tests that were done?  Did you have a thyroid ultrasound?   I assume they did a brain CT since the endo was able to tell you the size of your pituitary gland?  Did the scan show anything else?

It's normal to lose body fat and gain muscle when working out - what other symptoms do you have?
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Ok so all labs have been conducted between 8 and 9 am. These are listed in chronological order from my first test all the way to my most recent test at the end. These were conducted from august 16 to October 6. The endo’s have been useless. It was my primary care Dr that ordered these test and the MRI. We also did an eye exam and an abdomen CT. The MRI showed nothing else except for the tumor on the pituitary. The CT of the abdomen came back clear with no issues. I know the losing weight and gaining muscle is normal. The first Endo canceled my appointment after reviewing everything saying she’s not taking new patients with my condition. The second endo told me my cortisol drop was do to Flonase use and my testosterone dropped because I gained weight. I tried to explain to her that this all kicked off when I was losing weight, not gaining weight.

Testosterone - 283 ng/dl
Range 240 - 871

TSH w/ reflex - 1.54 mclU/mL
Range .46 - 4.88

Testosterone 159 ng/dl
Range 240 - 871

Follicle Stimulating Hormone 2.1 mlU/ml
Range 1 - 12

Luteinizing Hormone 2.3 munit/ml
Range .6 - 12.1

Hemoglobin A1c
estimated average glucose 108 mg/dl

Cortisol <0.8 mcg/dl
Range 5 - 23

Ferritin 138 ng / ml
Range 37 - 400

Prolactin 14 ng/ml
Range 3.5 - 19.4

Testosterone 287 ng/dl
Range 300 - 890

Cortisol 5.1 ug/dl
Range 6 - 18.4 ug/dl

Prolactin 4.3 ng/ml
Range 2.1 - 17.7 ng/ml

Free T4 1.07 ng/dl
range .74 - 1.46 ng/dl

Total T4 7.4 mcg/ dl
Range 5 - 12 mcg/dl

Total T3 73 ng/ dl
Range 85 - 160 ng/dl

Growth Hormone .06 ng/ml
Range .05 - 3 ng/ml

IGF 1 Z 172 ng/ml
Range 78 - 233 ng/ml
IGF1 z score calculation 0.7

ACTH 21.8 pg/ml
Range 7.2 - 63.3 pg/ml

Midnight saliva cortisol 0.03 mcg/dl

24 hr urine cortisol by LC-MS/MS
- urine volume 5250
- cortisol ug/g crt 17.94 mcg/ g Cr
-cortisol free Ur 59.3 mcg/ day
-Cortisol, urine free  (Raw data) 11.3 mcg/l
- creatinine Ur 63 mcg/ dl
- creatinine per 24 hr 3308 mg/day
   Range 1000 - 2500 mg/day

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