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I want to live!

Oh God! I have never posted here so much in my life... I am just at my wits end.... I cant take this c.r.a.p anymore. I am so depressed today! Crying a lot, taking my moods out on my boyfriend and just over all wish I was dead at times (dont worry not sucidial) Just keep saying to God to put me out of my misery...

I took my bad ood out on my b/f today and he totally did not deserve it! I feel so bad about that now aswel! I am so frecking annoyed that Im going through and that its so unfair. Jez like theres murderers and abusers out there living the life of luxary and then theres people who try to lead good law abiding lives like us and WE suffer...... Im sick of it! I feel like screaming!
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Hello Ladies....word of advice.
BEFORE deciding on a TT...look at BOTH options.
Look at Thyroidectomy and its 'for and against'...parathyroid damage etc.
And RAI.
This is what you should be both doing at the moment to know for sure which treatment you really want.
I would hate you both to have Thyroidectomys then say..."I didnt know it could damge the Parathyroid glands!".
Look at every FOR and AGAINST in both aspects.
Read my journals on RAI.......you may get some insight into it.
Then read Redheads journals on TT.
This will make your mind up by researching all you can.
This is the most important thing of all.
You have both decided PERMANANT treatment...now look at the pros and cons of both.
Good Luck :)
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To be honest even if I have decided on a permanent treatment, which I haven't no one seems willing to do it.  Surgery is by far the last thing I want to do but I want my life back!  I am tired of crying all the time and some days having to rely on family and friends to help care for my children because I can't.  I use to be the house where my 2 oldest sons friend's would ALWAYS want to be because I had so much energy and was so fun!!  Now I cringe thinking about having another child in my home.  The anxiety part of the Hashi's is also about to kill me!!  My endo told me yesterday that the swinging from hyper to hypo should only last a few months and now I should be all hypo.  Well I'm not so what's the problem????  Everyone always says that it WILL get better but I am having a real hard time believing it!
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If I could get rid of the anxiety I would not have it removed, but it doesn't seem to be going anytime soon.. I REALLY don't care about the physical stuff, but the mental side of it is going to kill me. Even therapy isn't doing any good (yet, only had 2 sessions)... I would rather not have it out but if push comes to shove its gone!lol....

And Thanks so much Smilerdeb for all your advice and guideance! This is the type of info I want to gain and need to make my decision....

Anyone with Hashismoto's and HAD anxiety???
Did it go away by itselp or did you get the thyroid removed???
My doc. hasn't of yet spoken of treatment until he does the next testing!

What a nightmare!
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I have had both hyper and hypo and most believe that you only get the anxiety with HYPER.
That is a MYTH.
You get anxiety on both ends of the scale.

I found though that when I was Hypo, an increase in Thyroxin eased it within days (dont forget I am super drug sensitive).
So where others go for 6 weekly bloods, mine have been 2-3 weekly as the Thyroxin works so fast , just as the anti-thyroid meds did too.

I went hyper to hypo within 2 weeks on anti-thyroid meds and it was sheer he\\ so know where you are coming from.
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Like Smilerdeb said, you can have lifelong complications from the surgery.  I had no choice but to have surgery, but my parathyroids were removed (2accidently) and damaged (2). I just got a call 10 min. ago from my GP, saying my calcium levels are too low.  They are at 1.78, and should be 2.09 to 2.69.  I get muscle spasms and it can be dangerous if the levels go too low.  I spent a week in hospital from it. If there is a way to deal with your condition without surgery, you might want to follow that route.  Good luck.
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Its really that persons persoanl choice whether to go TT or RAI.
In my eyes, you are damned if you do and damned if you dont...so to speak.
I originally wanted TT but the choice was taken from me.
Now I am glad I had RAI first.
But as I have said many times..that was my personal opinion.
If I DID have a choice, I wouldve kept my thyroid as it makes so many organs in your body function.

When my TT was done , it was keyhole by Epidural from under the armpit and the thyroid was the size of a pea 3 months after RAI.

Think carefully (yes I'm a pain for keep stipulating this ) about any permanant treatment as the problems do not go away with 'one pill a day' as the Docs tell you.
It takes months and months of 'tweaking' the meds and its basically a new ball game starting all over again.
A positive attitude is a major factor in wellness.
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