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If you are curious about scars...

I know a major concern we had with this surgery was the scar, ok, more like my hubby had a major concern with it... I found very little to show him that it would be OK so I have been sort of "documenting" my healing via photos on my blog. If you are at all intersted you can go check it out. The rest of it is blah blah about my family and daily life but the few most recent posts are photos. Hope it helps someone.    Darla


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incredible isn't it how it looks like frankenstein to barely there?!  Your neck looks great.   I do like your site  =))

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Thanks! I am very happy so far... just hope it keeps healing as quickly as it has so far!  My "site" is goofy family stuff but I have a lot of friends and relatives who like it. LOL
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are you putting anything on it or healing all natural?
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Put bacitracin ointment on if after the bandages came off till' the scabs went away then started putting a Vit E balm stick on there ( sort of like a chapstick) and then rubbing Oil of Olay moisturizer on the whole neck bc the skin was so stretched and got all wrinkled up. LOL I think it must be working ??
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WOW looks great.  boo hoo .... wish mine looked that good 2 weeks post op .. boo hoo I had an infection which set me back months but mine is regular skin color on half the scar 9mos later..which means YOURS WILL BE LIKE THAT VERY SOON!!!! yeah YOU rock to post your blog .. THANKS!!!!!!

Also, I didn't have any of that swelling or bruising .. OUCH!

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