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If you had RAI for thyroid cancer, what was your TSH before RAI?

Mine is on Monday.  My TSH last Monday was just under 50 (49 point something) and as of yesterday it was 45.  Is that unusual or anything to worry about?  I had a TT on 2-3-10 and have been off my medicine since 2-2-10.
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I had the reverse.
I had RAI first because of thyroid storms then 3 days prior to RAI..cancer of the whole thyroid was found.
A TT done 3 months after RAI.
My TSH was 0.50 when RAI was given and my FT3 was off the planet.(Graves)
So mine was a different ballgame.
But I was warned that the RAI may not take so was given anti-thyroid meds right up until 3 days before RAI and TSH was still 0.50.
Your TSH is at a good level for RAI.
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Mine was 64.  Ummm....hmmmm. Drs told me I could live without my thryroid and meds easily for 3 to 4 weeks.  My TT was March 25, my RAI was April 17 09, and I really felt like I was doing ok....I just kept doing what I always did.  I was tired.  But I was ok.
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Mine was 251
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Mine was 186.  My sister's was 44.
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