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Implications of Graves plus Hashimoto's

I have been treated for low thyroid for about 3 years - synthroid, then cytomel + synthroid, and most recently Armour thyroid. I tested positive for hashimotos antibodies.

Just moved to Connecticut and have a new endocrinologist. She's very thorough. She prescribed 50 mcg tirosint plus 25 mcg cytomel (split into 2 doses), to replace my 90 mg of Armour. (I was actually happy w/ Armour except for feeling tired.)

During the appt she stated my eyes showed swelling consistent w/ Graves disease. She wants to run a test for Graves antibodies at my next lab.(!)

I have always noticed that I seemed to experience a lot of symptoms that fall under the hyperthyroid category:

-borderline high blood sugar (90 - 160 fasting)
-high resting heartrate (~100 bpm)
-borderline high blood pressure
-cholesterol in the "low" range ( below normal)
-anxiety, jumpiness, rage,
-heat intolerance
-thin hair
-muscles feel very weak even when im "in shape"

I've ALSO had the symptoms of low thyroid and my blood tests have always reflected hypothyroid.

How exactly can this be? I presume my thyroid does not function because of Hashimoto's destruction. I believe I was hypothyroid for 10 yrs prior to diagnosis. I know the goal of Graves treatment is to fix the hyperthyroidism. If I am not hyperthyroid but still have Graves antibodies can or will anything be done?
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Forgot to mention - I used to have terrible tremors in my hands when I was younger. Doesn't seem to be an issue anymore though.
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No, nothing will be done.  You can have both antibodies, but one is dominant at any given time.  It sounds like perhaps you were once hyper, but your thyroid "burned out", and you are now hypo.

Symptoms are a result of FT3 and FT4 levels, not of antibodies.
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