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Increased T3

I just had a blood test wherein I have a high T3 and high levels of cholesterol..will this mean hyperthyroidism? I also have a fasting blood sugar of 119 and Blood Pressure of 150/90. Will these results related with Hyperthyroidism?Im just 22 years old. I also experience palpitations all the time,nervousness,anxiety,tremors of the hands,constipation,weakness,lethargy. I also urge to urinate all the time. What are your thoughts?Thanks..
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Cannot comment on thyroid function, but I am diabetic.  Diabetes can lead to high cholesterol levels and high bp,.  Your bp is elevated for diabetic, wanna keep it below 140/80, this is range at my diabetic clinic.  

Diabetes can contribute to weakness/lethargy, and cause frequent urination/thirst.  Get diabetes under control, these symptoms will resolve.

Thyroid/diabetes have similar symptoms, so testing would be best way to confirm any disorder/treatment.  Wishing you well.        

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Everything you listed can be effected by T3. The thyroid controls SO much in our body. If one thing is off it has a huge affect. I think the worst for was the palpitations and anxiety. Just keep telling yourself "it's all fixable" and you will be OK. Best of luck..
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