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Infection on Thyroid

Is it possible to have an infection on your thyroid? I just got back from seeing a doctor and after going over my blood result tests he believes a lot of my throat issues (raspy voice, achy feeling and/or lump feeling at the base of my throat) is due to an infection on my thyroid and once we clear that up I should be fine.
My TSH levels were within normal but my T3 and T4 were high. He retested to make sure I don't have Graves and that came back negative. He's now saying he believes I have an infection there and that once we clear that up the levels should drop back down. What do you all think?
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Hi..I have not heard of an infection, maybe he meant an inflammation that happens with Hashimoto disease..Has he done a antibody test to check for this, Also have you had a scan if you feel a lump, this could be a goiter..Dawn
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Thanks Dawn. It's hard to explain. It's not a physical lump you can feel. It's more of a sensation of a lump in my throat. Sometimes it feels a little constricted.

He didn't say anything about Hashimotos. I would assume if he checked for the Graves he would have checked for all things. I can't really tell by looking at the blood tests as they're all letters and numbers, etc. I don't even know what half of them stand for!

He believes I have infection going on in my body because of the way the blood tests turned out. He said my adrenals are not working as well as they should. My protein is low, calcium is low, liver is sluggish, Hemoglobin is a little elevated and T3 and T4 is high. I don't understand any of this. I hope I'm saying all of this right. He did a lot of testing!
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