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Is 1/2 of grain too much to increase at once?

Finally I got to see my my doctor. after 3 months at 2.5 grains of NT these are my results:

TSH: 00.00
FT4: 0.88   0.34-4.82
FT3: 332    230-420

He said I could increase to 3 grains, but I was wondering if 2 and 3/4 of grains would be better.
I am afraid my FT3 goes too up. He said if I feel well with a higher FT3 is not a problem, but my issue is osteoporosis. I have read a high FT3 causes this. Like someone said it seems that NT is made of super pigs becuase the FT3 goes up like crazy.

My usual pharmacy did not have NT and I went to other place. The guy who took the order was ready to order and telling me about the strengths when during the conversation he mentioned Armour Thyroid. I told him to read well the prescription but he said they were identical. I told him I wanted NT and not Armour. it is incredible that one has to be monitoring pharmacists even though they are supposed to be the ones who know better!.

How can he decide to substitute my medicine without even asking me? I made clear RCL was the lab I was expecting my medicine from and did not want any other thing. I got upset and impressed at the same time..

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Yeah.. and then he asked me how I was supposed to take it (he had the prescription on his hand!). I thought he meant splitting the dose, but he said it was not that. He said the dose it was too high.
Now he is my doctor...go figure LOL
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Wow, a pharmacist said Armour and NT are the same..........oh my.......

I increase on the safe side, but thats me. I go hyper if I don't increase meds slower than usual. I have learned the hard way. I hate the waiting , but its better than the sweaty shakes.
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