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Is 3mm growth in one month time too fast of growth for thyroid nodule ?

I just turned 32 and on April 22nd I had a ct that showed a 6mm nodule in right lobe of thyroid,which was found because I have been hoarse since March . I went back to the ER may 31st for worsing  pain in right side of my neck they did ct w/contrast which showed multiple heterogeneous hypodense nodules largest in right lobe 9x5mm ,my thyroid blood levels are all normal ,I'm worried that is too fast for a nodule to grow in one months time plus my mom had thyroid cancer when she was like 45 . Should I be worried or just relax?
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That is fast at 33% increase in a month.

Red flag signs of thyroid cancer: male gender, younger than 20 years and older than 65 years, rapid growth of nodule, symptoms of local invasion (dysphagia, neck pain, hoarseness), history of radiation to the head or neck, family history of thyroid cancer or polyposis (Gardner's syndrome).
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Thank you I appreciate your response,  I new to all of this and thought it was extreamly fast of growth.
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